Paul Thurrott today confirmed what this blog has been saying for the past 18 months – Windows 8 has fundamentally been a massive failure.

In a post today, he outlined the fact that Microsoft are trying to move past Windows 8 as fast as possible.

Here are some of the scoops:

Threshold is the codename for the next generation of Windows that might be Windows 9.
Like Blue was for Windows 8.1, Threshold is a codename that refers to a wave of refreshes that are coming to Windows.
Windows 8 is pretty much Vista 2 and Windows 9 will attempt to fix the problems of its predecessor.
Microsoft will first discuss “Threshold” at BUILD 2014.
Microsoft will start officially working on “Threshold” around or after BUILD 2014.
April 2015 is the target date for Windows 9.

Pretty massive scoop by Paul. Nicely done.

Stay tuned for my next article when I’ll tell you why this all doesn’t matter and the damage Windows 8 has done is much worse than you even know.

On that cheerful note, have a great weekend!

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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  1. You can claim it’s a failure, but it’s still a great OS.

  2. running 8.1 on my desktop, laptop, and tablet, all with intel processors so i don’t have any of the RT headaches. I’m really really liking 8, no complaints. I just really hope this focus on 9 doesn’t put 8 in the grave like vista. Didn’t like vista and 7 fixed that for us. The only complaints I get about 8 is with the start menu, but there’s a really simple third-party fix for that. Why not do something similar?

  3. It’s not a failure at all for me.

  4. I think these jack cracks do this every other release just to cause strife after MS releases something a little on the cutting edge. People anymore listen to paid shills because, thank you Apple, they have lost the capacity of free thought. Vista wasn’t evil or inherently bad, same with 8. It is just left out children that didn’t get an OS designed the way they would have, so they start the whine parade.

    • But win8 really ISN’T cutting edge. That’s the thing. It’s cutting edge for a windows OS, but windows is boring and old and tired. It’s got a new start menu, and a few efficiency enhancements compared to 7, but that’s mostly it. Yes, I do use both. 8.1 on a new laptop, 7 on my beefy desktop. 8 is buggy and slow (compared to ubuntu with way more running). 7 is more stable, and works better for me, but I still don’t love it.

      9 could suck too. Balmer is leaving, which, I think is good, but with 9 supposedly coming out April 2015, that’s not much time for the new CEO to really take the helm and shift windows for the better in time. I don’t think 9 will do much to fix MS’s problems. It’s going to be a while. More is wrong with MS than just windows. A year isn’t going to fix everything.

      • Ubuntu? FAST? Are you kidding? My little ol’ laptop is fast on Windows 8.1 and shaite with Ubuntu. Linux will never be a main stream OS. Give up already.

        • Yes fast. Your mileage may vary, of course, depending on hardware or whatever else. Ubuntu probably never will be main stream OS, and I don’t care if it is. Either way it’s a better OS than Win 8 is. And as far as linux in general being a main stream OS, it is everywhere but on the desktop, and MS’s market share there is constantly sliding, and interestingly, Android and Chrome OS are BOTH increasing in market share on the desktop (both linux based). Microsoft’s market share is stagnate or decreasing in the same space, depending on who you ask. So, be careful what you say about linux. You might end up having to put your foot in your mouth one day.

          Either way, win7 fits my needs better, and works better for me than 8.

        • I have an old Dell Mini-9 I use for a sandbox. It has had XP, 7 and 8. Also, about a dozen Linux flavors and Chrome OS on it’s 32 GB SSD and 2 GB Ram. I even installed a more friendly WiFi chip with Bluetooth for all this fun. Windows 8 Beta seemed to run the best by a little bit although I had to hack the registry to up the screen res so I could access the App Store.

      • If for one second you believe windows 8.1 to be slower than windows 7, you are doing something wrong. It is verifiable faster.

        • Show me where I said win7 was faster than win8? I didn’t. It’s less buggy in my experience, and for work, that matters. I have to be productive.

      • I don’t get the 8 is buggy? It sure isn’t to me. What bugs are you seeing?
        Linux has several distros and people change the one that is most popular all the time. Ubuntu seems to be the flavor of the month for now. For the non tech user it is non existent. This will remain due to the fact their are so many distros and the stores don’t sell one that an average person can pick up preloaded in a store.

        • My bugs happened mostly after upgrading from 8 to 8.1. 8 came on the laptop originally. After I upgraded, it would tell me my wifi connection had “limited connectivity” even though intel pro wireless diagnostic tools indicated it was fine. However, my actually ability to load webpages would randomly crap out, or not work for a while after connecting (interestingly enough I could still ping just fine in cmd!). A month later an windows update fixed it…but it was sheer hell for a month.

          It also is slow as molasses after booting and logging in, for about 5 mins. This is NOT the case in ubuntu, despite me having more software running on startup. If I had another win7 license, I’d compare it to win7 on the same hardware, but I can’t.

          You are right. Traditional linux distros will never take off on the desktop for non tech users. I’m just making comparisons with other OSs, because comparing win8 to previous MS releases isn’t good enough. If I’m paying for it, it’s gonna have to be worth my money.

          • I don’t have the connection issues and mine is fast to boot and login. I am not sure where your issues are but it sounds like hardware or drivers. I don’t see others mentioning buggy or slow logins. If it was 8.1 then there would be several other people mentioning it.

          • Something wrong with your win8.x machine. Mine boots up in several seconds while my win7 takes a whole coffee time to boot. After booting up, my win7 is faster than my win8 just because it has a much faster CPU and more RAM. If my win8 has the same spec, it will run a lot faster than my win7 for sure.

      • AMEN!

      • Sorry we dont have an OS for you like the one in the movie “Her” but then again it is better then any other OS out there as it is beating the stuffing out of all of them

  5. Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / January 11, 2014 at 2:47 pm /Reply

    I wouldn’t say its a failure with the amount of computers running Windows 8. More than all other non Microsoft versions combined. I have it and love it. Rt also. They do need to explain it better though.

  6. Microsoft is already planning the next version of Windows whenever a new one is released. We heard details about Windows 9 and 10 including 10 possibly being more tied to the cloud before Blue was released. It was also projected that Microsoft might start releasing OS every 3 years now or sooner. Windows 8.x is a failure while it market share continues to grow and it’s been generally accepted that 8.1 was a good upgrade. This has been a good holiday season for Surface and Windows Phone. More and more people are getting used to the Metro or tiled interface. Honestly how long did you really think it was going to be before they came out with Windows 9?

  7. If this article were written by a windows user, not an apple paid blogger, it would have some merit. I just don’t see why this person doesn’t just write about Apple and leave Microsoft alone. I’m sure he has many wonderful things to say about OSX and can give some insightful tips on how to use it. Why write about a product you don’t use, and obviously know nothing about, just to make your employee (Apple) look good!!!!!!!

  8. Wow. This article is incredible. A new low in the history of feces.

  9. Windows 8/8.1 are fine. It is a change and many people don’t like change. What will a Windows 9 bring? It will keep the Metro apps and it should. Maybe modify the desktop area to make it more like Windows 7 with the menu and the way programs look to the user.
    As far as Vista 2 or the Microsoft skip a version crowd this is mostly lead by articles fighting change.
    Window 2000 became Windows XP in a year essentially 2000.1. Vista to Windows 7 was about the same time frame going from a name to a number. It seems the anti change people don’t like to see the GUI change so they complain. Windows 3 to 95/98/98 SE to 2000/XP to Vista/7 to 8/8.1 big changes to the GUI and underlying improvements but the GUI looks are what the average person sees.

  10. Windows 8 sucks and I switched to a MAC which can duel boot win 7 and OS X Unless win 9 returns to 7 type format windows is history.

    • If MAC is so great why dual boot? Why not just use MAC and not Windows 7? You’re just not being serious!!!!

      • Despite being a inferior OS, windows runs more software. Sometimes work/something requires people use something that ONLY runs on windows, and therefore, dual boot. Not that hard to understand. I do it too, just not with mac.

      • Windows is great for gaming not to many games for MACs. Currently I do use the mac more than windows.

    • Windows 9 is critical but it might be too late already. You’ll get the full article on Monday.

      • george_szubinski / January 12, 2014 at 12:22 am /Reply

        here we go again … it MIGHT be too late already…. look at all the climate change … the world might be coming to an end…. oh dear…. the financial crisis has destroyed us all… we might not have any money to buy tech toys… it is theoretically possible that all the air in this room suddenly rushes into that corner and i might die as a result….

        please stop giving us bullshit hype and stick to facts…..

    • george_szubinski / January 12, 2014 at 12:17 am /Reply

      so you dont like metro ui…. and i do …. you can dual boot win 8.1 and osx too but i guess your too lazy to figure it out…

    • I doubt win9 will be back to win7 format. They have spent too much money to promote App store and it is moving now. It’s no way they gives up everything and back to win7. So you better stay in Mac.

  11. Charles Vance Gurley / January 11, 2014 at 7:08 pm /Reply

    so Microsoft thinks 8/8.1 is failing but is cutting ties with xp, vista and making 7 harder to get? On top of that they are making updates to windows 8 constantly and now want people to shift to 9 who might of just got 8? Why? Because people are too lazy to learn something different and complain about a start menu you can get from a lot of places already?? Oh it’s too hard to switch between screens and kills my productivity lol

    somethings not adding up. considering the percent of windows 8 goes up every time I see a new chart.

    • It’s because the product keeps improving. Everybody upgrades to new technology, and with the free or low upgrade prices it should be a no brainer!!. I have had XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win8.1 on the same computer. I can’t Upgrade my 32 bit Macbook Pro, but I’m not complaining and expecting Apple to keep the older OSX versions just to make me happy!

  12. I don’t see it as a failure at all. People are into cell phones and cheap tablets now, it only makes sense that Windows 8 wouldn’t see a massive adoption. The average user doesn’t seemed very phased at all over Windows 8, it seems more like those into tech are annoyed about it. In fact out of all people I know to have purchased a new Windows 8 laptop, the only person who didn’t like it was in fact tech savvy. Though I really do wish they’d push better designed apps more, most of them look absolutely atrocious.

    • Agreed about the cell phones and cheap tablets. I used to be an Android guy but I found out all these apps I had were just time killers and wastes of time. Plus, the lockups would drive me crazy. Moved to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 and love it. There is too much time needed for personal enrichment and family time than looking at Facebook every 10 minutes, trying to get three stars on Angry Birds or this Candy Crush craze. I want my gadgets to be tools and not distractions. I say all of that to say that most people these days don’t care about their home OS anymore. They are mobile and they don’t mind the “dumb” “Smart”phone apps. Microsoft may be just for us geeks and businesses going forward. 🙂

      • I use my Android phone as a PDA. I’ve never felt the need to keep up to date by the minute on absolutely everything that’s going on. So it’s a very handy device to have around, for what it is, as a little assistant. I have two games on my cell, but I rarely play them.

    • I recommended Window 8 or 8.1 to several people for their new computers and laptops. They have all been happy and like it. The difference from these people and some comments on every Windows 8 article is these are not tech people so they haven’t read that it is bad. In a matter of minutes a person can be shown the few things different to guide them like the shutdown, log off and start screen. This should be done at the store while demoing the new PC to a customer.

      • Certainly, most people who think that Windows 8 is a bad idea are those who are heavily invested in using an established interface. How ironic it is that those lay people who should find such a change to be difficult would be the least likely to complain about the changes.

        • In the desktop there is still the established interface.

          • Adam Rochefort / January 12, 2014 at 10:08 pm

            Of course, but some dislike the whole Modern UI interface. I know of a few who hate having to use any of it. From what they’ve said, they find no reason for its existence, especially on a computer without a touch screen.

          • Some will always like one part and not like another that doesn’t make it bad. I don’t get the reason people hate the Modern UI other than it is a change. Other then the apps most time with programs are in the desktop where all existing programs a person or company has run.

      • I recommended Ununtu 13.10 or Mint 15 to several people for their new computers and laptops. They have all been happy and like it. The difference from these people and some comments on every Linux desktop article is these are not tech people so they haven’t read that it is bad. In a matter of
        minutes a person can be shown the few things different to guide them
        like the shutdown, log off and start screen. This should be done at the
        store while demoing the new PC to a customer.

        • Ubuntu or Mint would be fine for the home user considering the majority use email and surf the web. Other than using a windows program from their work or they already have there would most likely be alternatives. The problem is an average user wouldn’t be able to load their own machine or be afraid to. And they are not sold preloaded form the stores.

  13. You ever notice that its the same people over and over and over against claiming that Windows 8/8.1 is somehow bad because THEY say so? I mean for pitys sake, I heard all the BS about Millennium being bad, yet it worked fine for me and never gave me one ounce of trouble. Yet these same people that are now bashing Windows 8/8.1 are the same ones that claimed Vista was a good OS. Or they have an apple computer and are ticked that MS is beating the stuffing out of Apple.

    • I agree. And what I also notice is the people who complain most about the start menu missing from Windows 8.x are the same time of people who tried to put everything on the desktop on their Windows XP and 7 boxes. I think part of the reason Windows 8.x isn’t at least 5 to 6 percentage points higher is because you have too many “experts” on blogs just trashing it rather than being honest about how it really works

      • amen to that brother.

      • Obviously you people don’t work in IT.
        Windows 8 / 8.1 is a great OS at the core. BUT, the interface is not made to work with a mouse. Yes, I know – “use keyboard shortcuts”. But when you’re dealing with users who aren’t very tech savvy. It cause a lot of work to an already busy schedule.
        Also – touch interface on a server OS (2012). Come on M$.

  14. Rodney Longoria / January 11, 2014 at 8:38 pm /Reply


    Now, see what you started! 😛

    Like a few folks have said here, Win 8.x is far from being a failure for me. I could care less what others feel about it. Love it or hate it, the choice is yours. Next!

    • Hahahah

      I know right?

      Hey look, I’m quoting Paul Thurrott! Critics need to head to his site and bug him. It’s funny to see people blaming me for what someone else said.


      • george_szubinski / January 12, 2014 at 12:10 am /Reply

        passing the buck… nice one… if enough bloggers listen to each others informed views and pass it on… well you get the picture…its a pity too many non-critical buyers listen to the shite you guys espouse and dont try to do their own unbiased assessment.

        A guy on fb said it best…. each os he uses has some merits, so bloggers rubbishing os do nobody any favours. you simply need to determine what you need… and buy accordingly.

        I have unfortunately stopped reading your reviews because they are meaningless to me… what I really dont get why you think you are a big fan of MS… whith fans like you who needs enemies.

      • Onuora, the very opening sentence of your article:

        Paul Thurrott today confirmed ‘what this blog has been saying for the past 18 months – Windows 8 has fundamentally been a massive failure’.
        (according to your words, “You said it first!!!”)
        So, you do have to take some credit for stirring up the hornets nest. And don’t back-stroke when others offer up their opinions on your comments!!!

        • Hey look I called it early but all the others finally caught up. This blog was criticized as a naysayer but you can find our criticism validated in every “fix” and “Service Pack” to this OS.


  15. well I said it at the start and still maintain my point Microsoft have got it wrong windows 8 and they should have listened at the start and made it a dual boot system for the old and the new at least people could make a choice as to which they wanted to use without doing it themselves.

    • If Microsoft made it dual boot from the start people would complain they needed to reboot into the opposing version.

  16. I love Windows 8.1 they might claim it’s a failure but many love it too

  17. its not a failure, some people dont know how to use it..
    once they get to know they will like it

  18. Christine Roberts / January 12, 2014 at 3:47 am /Reply

    It’s ridiculous that Microsoft are trying to rush out another operating system instead of getting Windows 8 right. We are not all made of money and can’t upgrade to the next operating system after 5 minutes. I use Windows 8.1 on all my computers at home and it’s expensive to keep upgrading all the time. I wish MS would slow down a bit and get things right. Windows 8.1 is ok as I use it. The start menu on desktops is a bit tiresome but I just installed Classic shell and hey presto all is ok. OK I don’t particularly like the ‘metro’ start but that is my choice. I’ve been using windows since DOS and like Windows as I’m use to it. Ok have to have a learning curve every time MS release a new OS and now I’m nearly 66 I need to have a breather so please MS just get Windows 8.1 right if it needs a fix here and there. Reliability is better than rushing things. .

  19. I still don’t get what all the fuss is about the bloody start menu… The way I see it is that MS is trying to move forward with the times and give us new more efficient and better looking ways of doing stuff. there is still a start menu but its laid out sideways instead of up and down. I mean if you guys don’t want any change then just stick with XP and stop bitchin and whinging because quite frankly im sick and tired of coming to read sites and just seeing your innane mindless crap everywhere I go. I mean I come to these places to read what intelligent people have to say – YEAH RIGHT…Grow-up and move with the times because after all we aint in the nineties no more

  20. I didn’t have many Vista issues; drivers were a problem and when I would select multiple files to copy or rename and right click, it would take 30-120 seconds for the context menu to come up. It was frustrating. Windows 7 was Vista done right for sure.
    I will say I have Windows 8.1 on my main PC at home, Surface Pro 2 and my work PC. Overall, I like 8/8.1 Professionally, I’ve installed it on a few PC’s at work and I’ve removed it twice. One PC had AutoCAD LT 2013 and it would crash a few times a day. Another upgraded to 8.1 and Windows Backup would kick off 4-10 processes through the day and I never could resolve it even with hours of research in forums and articles. That user is back on 7 and running smoothly. I have three others at work on 8 and it seems OK. Metro/Modern apps have no use at work and no benefit. My work PC has a clean install of 8.1 and ever so often, I get lockups or non responsive Modern apps and I have to reboot.

    At home, it works rather well. My main PC is also my file server and I use Windows Media Center to extend from my 8.1 machine to my XBOX and it works great. I did some heavy work on it during the holidays (moving/copying/deleting tons of files) and it locked up on me twice.
    In the real world, I see a lot of people buying Windows 8/8.1 non touch laptops and they are miserable. I admit, a touchpad on a laptop and Windows 8 isn’t a good mix, especially if you don’t know all the tricks. It is much better on a desktop with a mouse and totally made for touch.
    I wouldn’t call it “Vista 2” as far as being unstable but for sales and reaction to it, I have to perhaps say yes.

    • If Vista to Windows 7 was really Vista then Vista 2 many more would be complaining then Microsoft would have released Windows 7 instead of Vista 3 to quiet them. The same as what is happening now with 8/8.1 and needing a new name to satisfy some people the skip a version crowd.

  21. Yay…I’ve been waiting for some good vaporware.
    What if someone developed an OS that could run EVERYONE ELSE’s application software? Windows, Linux, iOS, OSX, Android. How long would that be in court?
    I went to work for one of the old legacy mainframe corps in 1968. They merged with another similar corp in the ’80s. The result was 2 distinctly different architectures. They got them to run on an integrated platform around 2000 but the OSs and applications, other than web stuff, are still unique. Anyway, it was really uncanny how the one style of OS always turned out really buggy every odd numbered major release.

  22. I don’t care what Microsoft releases. I just wish they would be more user friendly about consumer pricing and upgrades. I bought 2 high -perf laptops with Windows 7 that also supported Windows 8. As a hedge, I bought 2 W8 licenses and Pro upgrades. I would like to use one of the Pro upgrades on my new ASUS T100 that came with w8.1. To do that I would have to install W8 and the Pro upgrade and then let it go through the online update procedure so I can run Windows Media Center. Otherwise it’s a cost of about $140.

  23. Gentlemen: We all have our likes and dislikes. I have used MS since the days of a commodore 64. I seldom had any problem upgrading a computer until I loaded
    win8 on a primary Backup Laptop. I never could getting darn OS to do anything. I seriously was just about to dump the whole thing and restart with WIN 7. I waited until I could get the 8.1 download and lo and behold daylight at the end of the tunnel. What a change!!! Almost over night the dud came to life and did everything that I wanted my computer to do. I could not believe the change. I fact it was so remarkable, I went out and bought another desktop with 8.1 already installed. My old desktop and a serious failure and I was able to recue the hard drive and use it as a stand alone drive. I can not say enough good thi8ngs about WIN 8.1. I only hope WIN 9 is as good. Thank you all for your input. I have been with this site ever since day one. Keep up the good work.

  24. Reminds of the GM’s past CEO R.Wagoner whose bet was on heavy on the suv leading up to the financial tsunami.
    Trying to hedge and steer the herd in your favor can reduce the overall pie of consumer confidence. There are many segments of customer base to satisfy, the herds within the greater herd community.
    Win8 looks goods in Hollywood but, Business and various Institutions are slow to grasp too much at one time. To lose that continuity that they have been engaged in from the beginning with the familiar Microsoft OS GUI is not good business. Especially for providers of goods and services.
    Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to be innovative and invent spin offs and go out on a limb but to dictate the way of doing business downstream does not win the raft of popularity.
    It’s hard being a great player in a field of greats.

    • Many businesses drug their feet on moving beyond XP to Windows 7. Then when XP was getting near the end their hand was forced so they started the upgrade and migration to 7. This was just before 8 came out now companies are either all 7 or almost all 7 and not ready for a massive change so soon. Smaller companies will migrate as they replace the desktops since their current business programs will run on 8 or the next version. Basically this will slow the business migration. If 8 was available as companies were on the verge of migration some would have made the leap to 8 and bypassed 7.

      • Thanks Bart I’ll answer on the second part so to keep with the jest of the title “The Windows 8 jig is up-It’s Windows Vista2 and….” Early on I help refresh from NT4 to NT5 then last year or so the last group that I was in I helped refresh from NT5.2 (XP) 32bit to NT7 (W7) 64 bit. In retrospect, Vista NT6 timeframe was short lived as is Win8.1 and both share a commonality; they are a segway, a precursor to operating systems of better inoperability, usability, functionality, stability and security.

        This second part is, in answer to your comments. There are many other variables relative in part to what you are saying that determines a business move and are not always simple and fast one. With that in mind the whole picture, the TCO is a major selling point and a buying factor in any client/server, VDI small and large enterprises. The large enterprise I had worked for used a multitude of different software platforms to achieve success so, much investment in testing and re-tweaking the OS. Win7 came out in 2009 developmental testing primer began way before release and full migration began less than 3 yrs later. The front (OS) to the back ends (e.g. unix) have to handshake with no disruption. Along with IT budget (e.g. training, physical hardware) and encompassing TCO how is the ROI going to affect overall business acumen and innovation moving forward?

        Remember, Dr G. Moore’s Law that exponential Intel CPU scaling growth every 18-24 months and other hardware platforms? The OS is coded to manage hardware and it’s software resources.

        As a consumer Win8.1 is very functional and works for me Win7 even more and XP still works for me too. That also includes 6 MacOS machines that are graphic and music production towers.

        • XP was 5.1 and XP 64bit was 5.2. Vista was 6.0, W7 was 6.1, W8 was 6.2 and W8.1 is 6.3.

          TCO correct but since companies delayed on the major migration to W7 until MS announced the end of support for XP they didn’t force the move. Even my company had several W7 before the big push to change. In that time all programs were either upgraded or already worked in W7. Many programs get upgraded due to improvements which usually include added compatibility issues if necessary. My company has is over 20,000 so the expense in time and labor is not a small amount. We do have a couple 8.1 PCs and tablets but will not move for a few years. Also the 8.1 PCs do run all programs they were tested with so far.

  25. I just don’t understand, with today’s technology why a technological giant can’t get it right!??…. I’m almost ready to move over to Apple! !.. it’s amazing I’m even saying that!!

  26. Paul is talking out of his neck again. W8 is just a new OS which was introduced:
    – too early in the Windows OS cycle. W7 was still in the early adoption phase and widely popular. So businesses are not investing.
    – because Microsoft wanted to compete with tablets (Apple’s Ipad) and W7 was not an effective OS when it comes to tablet technology.
    – in an economic very difficult time since the financial crises in 1929. We tend to forget that many European banks in effect have defaulted since 2008 because of the financial crises (bankrupcy of Lehman Brothers). This financial crises was in fact a bank crises and meant that European governments (in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Hungaria, England, France, Belgum etc) had to nationalise or sustain the banks financially. In Holland 2 of the biggest banks we’re nationalised and ING was sustained financially. Banks stopped lending money to businesses, government debt soared because of bank bailouts. Businesses fired people in mass. Unemployment in Spain 55%, Greece 65%, Italy 40% etc. austerity measures are rampant throughout Europe. We (Northern European countries) are still literally bailing out the southern European countries, we the taxpayers are paying the bailout bills. The world economy suffered because of this European financial crises. Sale of W8 is suffering because businesses in Europe are not investing. Many Americans are not aware of the economic crises in Europe which has not dissapated after 6 years.

    W8 is no failure, it’s transitional for a new and modern OS that is more in line with the technology of the 21-st century. W8 is doing a darn good job of getting Microsoft ready to go head to head with it’s rivals. Whether it be W8 for PC, tablet, WP or Xbox.

  27. I see nothing wrong with the Windows 8 OS.
    I can work with or without the Start menu and I don’t have a touch screen.
    I never liked Vista nor Windows 7 for that matter; yes I liked XP.
    I just hope MS doesn’t screw it up and go backwards.
    Win8 (well 8.1 actually) is good, build on what we
    If this Windows 9 we’re going about is as good, I’ll be happy.

    Yes Windows Three Point One One; those were the days,
    when life was simple.

    • The consensus is against you on this. The new “start menu” is probably the most hated thing put on a PC since “Clippy” (look it up). NO ONE wants it, NO ONE needs it on a PC and I guarantee it will be the very first thing to vanish from Windows 9.

      • Lee
        I couldn’t care less if the consensus is against me.
        I get the work done, menu or no menu.
        I like Windows 8.1 and am happy to use it, as is.
        When a newer version comes along, I’ll probably upgrade.

        Nothing’s perfect in this world and you will never please everyone.

      • Speak for yourself. I like and use Win 8.1 and WP8. And I know many other people who feel the same way. In fact, I went to do a new build for an accountant this past week who was still using an XP machine and suggested putting Win 7 on it and they emphatically said no, they wanted Win 8. They have it on their personal machine and love it.

        The problem here is how success or failure are being defined. Those who don’t like it are calling it a failure. They’re also the most vocal. That’s why it SEEMS as though NO ONE likes it. But that’s simply not true.

        You don’t like it, fine. But don’t think for a second that you speak for everyone.

  28. Charles Zimmerman / January 18, 2014 at 1:27 am /Reply

    Heck, the ONLY thing I have found wrong with 8/8.1, is that the family
    safety still doesn’t work, and McAfee’s ‘Site Advisor’ don’t work with
    it (Explorer or Firefox). MS just doesn’t seem to have the know how to
    fix that. I will welcome a win 9, because, lets face it. Every time they
    come up with a new idea and put it out, people start crying. Every time
    someone is crying, it’s because it works, and they are upset because
    they didn’t get off their lazy asses and think of it first to make the
    money. So, shut up about the so called problems, and move on with life.
    Stop looking in the rear view mirror, or you’re going to wreck. Can’t
    change the facts just because you don’t like or agree with them. Facts
    are facts!

  29. The real problem isn’t so much Windows 8, even though it is a dismal failure. The REAL problem is Microsoft putting out operating systems FAR too often. It was 8 years from Windows XP to Windows Vista. The consumer base cannot adopt an operating system in under two years…it simply does not compute to even think so. Microsoft is fighting themselves…and neither side is winning. Put out a solid operating system that people actually like and want…AND SUPPORT IT FOR YEARS before you try to replace it.

  30. I had problems with Windows 8 at first but it was me, not the OS. Once I got my mind set to the idea that all that “stuff” on the START screen are just fancy icons and I can delete what I don’t like, I learned to really like Windows 8.X. I especially like the ability to open anything just by typing what I want on the START screen and a menu opens. Face it, if there are not enough people using Windows 8.X to call it a success, that is probably because all the “talking heads” who bad mouthed the OS. And then there is that pesky learning curve. Too many people are just too lazy to learn a new way of doing something.

  31. I love Windows 8 and 8.1 and so do many others I hated Vista

  32. Dustin Christensen / February 1, 2014 at 12:02 am /Reply

    Windows 8 was an absolute failiure. Windows 8.1 was an improvement. Windows 7 was flawless. Vista was bulky and slow (in the beginnning) and XP was almost flawless.

    I am a software and game developer and I don’t know how you can even use the interface in Windows 8.X without getting annoyed to shit. I’ve been using Windows 8.1 on my laptop since it came out, and Windows 8 since it came out before that. The metro interface only gets in my way while I am using the machine. The interface is great for users who only browse the internet or do pointless things on the computer, but not for professionals. I’ve used metro apps, all the metro UI, and everything else. I then went back to Windows 7 for a few months and didn’t miss the metro at all, didn’t even think about it once.

    If I were running Microsoft, this metro stuff would be available on all tablets, and an option (that right, OPTION) on desktops and laptops. Disabled by default on desktops, and enabled by default on laptops. That is how it should work. There would be room for everyone.

    The start menu is essential, for professionals. Professional users dont want to open some fullscreen bullshit to search their computer or find a program, in most cases we want to be able to see what we are doing at the same time we are using the start menu.

    And sorry, but I have to throw this out there as it infuriates me. You guys who are arguing with us saying “OMG STAHP COMPLAINING. Y U NO USE METRO. IT AWESUM. START MENU OLD AND STOOPID.” .. no, just no. You are a stupid user, sorry to say it, but there are stupid users and professionals, you just don’t qualify for the term “professional”. Sorry stupid users, the start menu was too advanced for you, you need something that looks like it was designed by a 5 year old in order to function properly as you are that illiterate. When you use the computer to be productive, like literally making something that tons of other people will use, then you can be called a professional. Stop arguing with us and realize why we want it. Use your brain, or don’t, because you won’t anyways. Instead you’ll post a hate comment directed at me after reading my first few words of this post. I’m only being truthful, as there are a lot of people out there who hide behind the words of another person. These words are truly mine. I spent about 10 minutes writing this based off of what I know, and not what someone else knows.

  33. collective pitch / February 19, 2014 at 11:19 am /Reply

    Win8 flopped b/c I got my dad to upgrade from Win7. He couldn’t figure out how to get to the desktop or shut it down. That was the last time he used it.

    (I know, the desktop is located in a Metro tile. But tell that to my Dad. With all the confusing tiles on the metro screen, noticing something can be hard)…

  34. vista was bad and was fixed by SP1 and SP1 . if windows 8 is bad , would it be fixed by the next major update? “update 1 for windows 8.1”

  35. vista was fixed after SP2 , will this mean that windows 8 will be fixed with the next update?

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