There are times in life when even a 2 percent increase is earth shattering! In case of Windows 8, it may not entirely be earth shattering, but it nevertheless, sets a new record for Microsoft’s modern operating platform.

The overall uptake of Windows 8 has so far been termed either lackluster or disappointing — depending on who is doing the talking. In fact, the slow sales and adoption of Windows 8 is cited as one of the reasons for CEO Steve Ballmer’s (forced) retirement from the company.

But the latest operating system statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications show that Windows 8 has indeed continued its growth in August.

Microsoft’s latest OS has managed to increase its overall global market share by a smidgeon over 2 points — 2.01 percent, as a matter of pure fact — meaning it has boosted its market share from 5.40 percent in July to 7.41 percent by the end of last month.

This makes it the biggest jump Windows 8 has seen in quite some time. The new OS launched more than 10 months back, in October 2012.

Windows 7 and Windows XP still remain the clear and present leaders. The former is the number one operating system in the world with a market share of 45.63 percent (up from 44.49 percent in July), confirming that some users of older versions of Windows are still choosing Windows 7.

Windows XP, on the other hand, saw a drop of more than 3 percent in the month that just passed.

The two other Windows flavors of note are Windows Vista and Windows 8.1. Vista is in fourth place with 4.11 percent, down from 4.24 percent in July. Windows 8.1 is listed at 0.24 percent, after debuting at 0.02 percent in July.

Windows 8.1 launched as a preview version back in June, but the RTM version of the upcoming operating system leaked out last week.

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  • Ray C

    I’m not surprised. I fully expect to see the growth continue on through the holiday season.

  • Damian Vansen

    It is important to note that this big jump is mostly the result of NetMarketShare changing its formula for measuring usage. Therefore, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

    • Mike Greenway

      Everything on the internet is just as valid as the next thing. It is all questionable, even this.