Windows 8 Lifestyle – Jewish Calendar


This application provides a free full featured Hebrew calendar with zmanim for your location.


Full calendar with all the Jewish events appearing.
Shabbat, Yom Tov and feast begin/end hours.
Parasha name.
Agenda for the next 12 month events.
Zmanim based on the location configured in the application settings.
Events and date can be displayed in English or Hebrew.
Add your personal event to the calendar (birthday or Yeirtzei) to never forget their Hebrew date.
LIVE TILE that displays the Hebrew date, weekly parasha name and personal events directly on you main screen.
Display of Daf Hayomi.
Note: Some parts of the application may be in Hebrew if you configure it that way.

  • Link to:  Jewish Calendar
  • Cost:  $1.49
  • Category:  Lifestyle
  • Age Rating:  12+
  • Developer:  DS-Info