Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, but while the first ever refresh of the platform is highly anticipated, the core Windows 8 operating continues to be of high interest.

In other words, the overall market share of Windows 8 is of high interest.

But those of you that were hoping to see some big numbers for the month of September will find that the market share increase remained fairly on the low side. Windows 8 cemented its position as the third most popular operating system in the world, but that was just about it.

The newest statistics provided by market research firm StatCounter reveal that Windows 8 came in third position with a share of 7.46 percent.

Windows 7 led the charts with an overwhelming 51.98 percent, while the seemingly everlasting Windows XP registered another decline and is now around the 20.59 percent mark.

The usual suspects (Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Vista and Linux) rounded up the chart.

All eyes are now, obviously, on Windows 8.1. This much is pretty much a given that the new operating system will be hot off the blocks once it launches this month — October 18 to be precise.

Microsoft is actively promoting its upcoming OS, and when you bring in the second generation Surface tablets and the myriad of new devices from other hardware vendors into the mix, then huge numbers are undoubtedly a given.

Just how huge they are in the end remains the primary question.

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  1. Do these numbers include all the people with running preview, RTM, and leaked versions of 8.1? We will see a pretty good October-December for Windows 8.x I think. Once Windows 8.1 hits and a lot of these new Windows devices are released, there will be an increase. Most of the people calling it Vista are simply not being objective. They’re hoping it doesn’t continue to grow. But what was the highest share Vista ever had? When Windows 8.x passes that, what will you call it then? There was nowhere near the interest in Vista Sp1 that there is in Win8.1

    • Agreed, and well the days of calling Windows 8 another Vista are long gone. 😉 I am fairy certain we are in for some surprises come end of December. What I am more interested in seeing is where and how these market researchers classify Windows 8.1.

      Does it go in the Windows 8 column, or a separate one. In any case, an increase in numbers is all but guaranteed once Windows 8.1 comes strolling around.

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