Windows 8 N and Windows 8 E versions?

Windows 8 N and Windows 8 E versions?

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Seems like Microsoft is compiling multiple editions of Windows 8 which makes sense.


What is strange is that they are allegedly compiling Windows 8 E versions.

Windows E versions harken back to the dark days of the Antitrust battle against governments re: Internet Explorer.

Microsoft agreed to randomize a browser ballot screen which seemed to settle the issue re: bundled Internet Explorer and the E editions were scrapped in July of 2009.

It’s interesting that they are showing up here again…

Windows 8N And Windows 8E

Windows 8N And Windows 8E

Also interesting is the fact that Microsoft all the Windows 7 versions are back again:

  • Starter
  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate


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  • xinu

    hmm, looks interesting. I do think they will carry forward the different versions such as home premium etc.

  • Jamie Schneider

    windows 8 is the future

  • Springbird_567

    windows 8 is the future