Windows 8 needs to fix network diagnostics!

One more thing I am sick and tired of that needs to be fixed in Windows 8.

My network just went down 10 minutes ago and of course I tried to use network diagnostics.


I think this feature has worked like once since I got Windows 7. I think it’s kinda pointless to have a troubleshooter that is usually always as clueless as I am.

In this case it was an internet attack that tried to take down my firewall.

AVG Internet Suite knew what the issue was…

  • xinu

    Definitely agree with you there, ive never seen the Network Diagnostics Tool work properly, i think it only worked once or twice and told me to reset my internet box, however otherwise it never did.

  • Azir Zuroc

    lol this is so true, i was thinking that the other day when troubleshooting my internet wireless adapter, i think microsoft should include better support for things like this or at least have better phone support