The preview of Windows 8 last week took the world by storm. However, amidst all the puff and excitement, people seem to have look past a really cool feature – the online log-in method.

This connection will be prompted as soon as you use your Windows 8 PC for the first time. You will be encouraged to sign in with Microsoft online account, and saying yes to this prod will link your computer to Microsoft’s data centers. You will become a participant in feeding data to Microsoft, along with a couple of hundred million others, and subsequently enable the tech giant to compete head to head with the formidable search and advertising algorithms of Google.

If you do not agree to establish such connection, you’ll still be able to operate your PC traditionally, but of course you’ll miss a good deal of fun. This includes the ability to run your personal settings and applications using any Windows 8 device.

Instead of having to sign into your every account every time you go online, you might as well go for incessant connectivity and stay logged in all the time. “In today’s world of connected devices and continuous services, we are focused on helping developers build the next generation of client applications that are tethered to a back-end cloud,” says Satya Nadella, Microsoft Server and Tools president.

It’s only natural for users to think that this elaborate connection is going to dramatically shrink privacy. However, a Microsoft manager justified that it’s actually the other way around.

The online service will only make your Windows 8 experience more individualistic as it modifies the system to your preference. It offers more privacy option than any similar offering as it allows you to choose what to and not to share on the network.

You’ll also have the power to crowd your personal settings with features that matters to the way you communicate with your contacts. On the other hand– iPads, Chromebooks and smartphones– does not allow its user to sign in without establishing a connection to their networks.

They even use information unbeknownst to the user for advertising purposes, masked in lengthy and jargon-filled terms of agreement.

Aside from pervasive connectivity, you’ll also enjoy the sophisticated appearance unique to its tiled interface. All of the features and functionalities are well-tailored together not only to carry on the PC market, but also competitively play in the tablet industry and become a viable rival to the iPad.

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