Windows 8 is here, but how many PCs are actually running on the new OS? Evidence seems to strongly suggest that about 1% of all PCs are running on Microsoft’s touch-oriented Windows 8. Not half bad for an OS that is a MAJOR change from what we are all used to.

StatCounter first suggested that Windows 8 was running on about 1.44 percent of PCs worldwide, about a month after its launch. Now Net Applications has also released its own PC stats for November, and they report pretty much the same results at 1.09 percent.

Interestingly enough, Net Applications has a line that says “Windows 8 Touch” has .02 percent of the market, yet we have no clue what that is exactly. If we had to take a guess, I’d say that’s Windows RT. Considering most of the RT use is from the Surface, that’s not too terribly bad either.

Besides mentioning Windows 8, the stats information from Net Applications also points out that Windows 7 is the number one PC OS, though that’s not exactly surprising. Windows XP still manages 39.82 percent of the market, but that’s down from 40.66 percent the month before. Windows Vista on the other hand was in a distant third place with 5.70 percent.

Alright so 1 percent isn’t huge, but it’s a starting place. Windows 8 will take some time for users to adapt to. Honestly, Microsoft probably understood that with Windows 8 is was mostly looking to attract tablet owners, since many PC owners are going to be reluctant to switch.

Why wouldn’t a PC owner want to switch? It is nothing against Windows 8. Windows 7 is simply solid and many users don’t see enough changes to make it worth the upgrade. Of course seeing is believing. I run Windows 8 on my main rig and love the speed improvements I’ve seen when compared to Windows 7.

What do you think of these new stats suggesting Windows 8 is on 1 percent of PCs, accurate or not?

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  • WillyThePooh

    You already said that win7 is such a solid OS that there’s not much motivation for the mass to upgrade. I upgrade one computer just to take advantage of the $40 deal and experience the new OS. So far, it is more satisfaction than disappointment. The only disappointment is no touch screen and battery life. But that is not the problem of the OS.