Windows 8 PC Settings – Ease of Access

This section is related to how easily you can access the content provided by your system. It also lets you specify settings for system tools that “eases your access” to content.

These tools include Narrator, Magnifier and On Screen Keyboard. These tools help you to access the system easily in case of a lack of mouse or keyboard. The settings given here are also helpful to visually impaired people.

How to Access It

  • Invoke Settings Charm either through the Charms Bar or key combo “Win + I”.
  • Select “Change PC Settings” option located at the bottom of the Settings Charm pane. This will launch PC Settings.
  • Select “Ease of Access” tab from the left pane of PC Settings.

High contrast sets the color scheme to two extremely contrasting colors so that you can locate items speedily and clearly. You can turn it on/off in this section.

If you find the computer text too small to read, or if it is a case of visual weakness, then turn on the option to make things look bigger on the screen.

Caret browsing means to navigate through content using a caret (or text cursor). This is mainly used in text documents. Ease of Access settings provide you option to use that type of browsing in webpages, too, so that they can be browsed without using a mouse.

One of the three system tools – Narrator, Magnifier, and On Screen Keyboard – can be set to launch on the key combo “Win + Volume Up”.

You can also specify how long the toast notifications, which arrive on the top right corner of the screen, should stay before fading away.

If you find your cursor too thin to locate in a large text document, just increase the thickness here.