Windows 8 PC Settings – Windows Update

All software needs regular updates. Windows is no exception to this rule. This section provides you with details of updates. It informs you if your OS is set to automatically install updates, or to notify you to manually install updates. It also lets you manually check for updates, and if found, lets you to install them.

How to Access It

  • Invoke Settings Charm either through the Charms Bar or key combo “Win + I”.
  • Select “Change PC Settings” option located at the bottom of the Settings Charm pane. This will launch PC Settings.
  • Select “Windows Update” tab from the left pane of PC Settings.

As shown in the above image, my computer is configured to automatically check and install updates daily. However, if I want to check it manually, there is a button to do that.

I checked for the updates manually. Windows Update finds one update and informs you that it will install that update in the next scheduled maintenance task. However, so latest-freak I am that I decide to install the update manually. So I click on the update notification link.

That action pops up a window. That window provides you with the update details like what system application/component each update belongs to, what size the total update is, etc. I click on “Install” to install the updates right now.

Thus, the update installation begins. This installs the update and my system becomes up to date. My futile ego of keeping the system latest is thus satisfied.

  • Óðinn Sigurðsson

    when on the windows update I just get endless search, in the right pane there is only the header “Windows Update”, nothing below that other than the circling movement of search