So, you should all have had a chance to download the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

You’ve read the articles and you’ve heard the analysts.

I’m wondering what you guys out there think about Windows 8 so far.

This has been a huge gamble for Microsoft and they are showing what the Metro interface is going to look like sometime next year.

The question in the poll is:

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  • Rodney Jenkins

    I think that they are definitely moving in the right direction…

  • jeff73160

    They need to have native blu-ray read write.

  • Reaver~

    They need to include the latest C++/C# redistributes and even for a developer preview, Windows 8 is kinda slow. I’m testing it with the minimum specs of 1GB Ram and 20GB HDD, and I would not recommend anyone with those specs to Windows 8 at all. At. All. My opinion? They are trying to be like everyone else. Internet Explorer now resembles Firefox. Their Start Screen now resembles the Google Chromium OS. Even their phones resemble other phones! C’MON MICROSOFT, GET ORIGINAL! That’s just my opinion.

    • Robind

      Where can one download the Windows 8 beta, I have looked on torrents, but cam up with fakes, can you share a link?


      • Randy

        for one its currently a developer preview, so more like a workable alpha, second there was an article with the details about 20 posts back, one of the first posts from BUILD

  • philips2935

    I think that they are definitely moving in the wrong direction…

  • JeR

    The Windows 8 is different with tablet like opening screen.  The metro screen can be good starting screen for my non-geek co-workers.  But more work for person setting up the system.   It needs off & restart button.   The bsod with sad face is cute.

  • Aj

    It’s really user friendly, too many moves to shut the pc
    down, setting hard to configure

  • Aj

    It’s NOT really user friendly, too many moves to shut the pc
    down, setting hard to configure

  • Forgetthis56

    must differently their heading in the right direction so far seem to be a good system

  • James White

    Umm, you may want to rephrase the question or the answers. No? they are not moving in the right or wrong direction, or Yes they are moving in the right or wrong direction. just my two cents. I hate the new start menu, maybe just have to get used to it, but there is no close button to get out of it. Its just different, but I would say in the wrong direction.

  • Me

    Ok, The poll question is if Microsoft is right or wrong but the available answers is Yes or No.  But is is Yes to MS is right or Yes if MS is wrong?

  • Jimmupp

    Just speeding the program up is a step in the right direction.  I’m not sure that the new
    interface is an improvement.  Some services require too many clicks at this point.  
    I’m sure some of them will be improved in the final version

  • Chopperray

    Windows 8 rocks, keep up the good work people. Can you send me a full version for trial when it gets released please.
    [email protected]

    • Jase Wolf

      It rocks because it wants to be called Metrolite. It wants to be a gemstone, and it already is!

  • Pepejoy

    es buena idea poder probarlo con mas tiempo y poder detectar los posibles bugs ya que dado el aumento en piezas de hardware hay millones de posibles configuraciones….

    • Richard

      Dude, speak or translate into English so every1 can hear you

  • yell

    I think that they are definitely moving in the right direction…

  • bobc2443

    I would love to be able to answer you but I have not been able to use Windows for more the a few minutes at a time. It keeps telling my computer had a problem it can’t handle. Well my computer can handle anything so I am very disappointed that I cannot at least use W8 for a while.

  • don

    im mixed up you have win 9 which im running win 7 which you have to buy when my os is visa ultimate now win 8 whats going on ive not read up on 8 but whats up 7 8 or 9 [email protected]

  • Randy_rogers38

    Has excellent feel and flair…feels a lot like Windows 7 but what Windows 7 should’ve been when released. Similar feel to Vista and then upgrading to Windows 7 but much easier and transitions aren’t near as jarring.

    Not a big fan of the metro gui yet…don’t do much socializing on social nets but really like the transitions of some of the actions I routinely perform in my standard OS. The way files open, or minimize, or the way the taskbar functions and the hot keys with slide out panels from the sides for tool access like devices..Control C etc…

    Very nice, stable so far, and although not ready for primetime just yet…the direction the OS is headed is GOLDEN!!

  • Hummer3

    OK. . .I’ve run this sucker.  Upside down, inside out and round side over.  You got to be deaf, dumb, blind and ignorant not to see this is the way the industry is going.  At&t is trying to buy TMobile, Apple is eating every bodies lunch. . . .it’s all about 4G and beyond.  Get on the train. . .now.  Learn it because it is the only way.  See any dinosaurs on your way to lunch?  They couldn’t adapt either.
    I didn’t mean to be subtle. . .in fact I usually tell it like it is.

    • Brihc

      you sir are crazy. If you really think 4g is the future, with your little hand held devises, you sir have already missed the TRAIN.

  • Rarutunian

    It seems cumbersome to use on first blush.  Maybe it will seem more useful with use but I spend most of my time on my Windows 7 computers.

  • Penta2100

    Well, if windows packs amazing punches in the desktop area for the OS. Game over apple. You were a great OS, but not good enough.

    • Penta2100

       9 people liked this… I feel so cool now.

    • Jase Wolf

      I and alot of people likely will use both windows and Mac, but Mac I do prefer. That’s why made mac my #1 os since feburary, and windows will be my #3 os, that I use when I have to. I cannot see people moving from Mac to windows.

      The most that will happen is more and more windows next to Mac or inside Mac with parallels or the alternatives.
      Like me, since day one, Mac main os, windows and linux in parallels there when I need or want them.

  • Eric

    I like the fast boot but can’t really test the interface but always get restart with the frown face in virtual box. Anyone got this also?

  • Silvergull

     What works for cell phones is a visual nightmare when over enlarged on a  desktop display. The Apps I`ve installed look great on desktop but ugly shrunk down inside a sickly green box. What does interest me  is lower energy usage.

  • Richard

    Microsoft has mmade huge improvments. I thinks the Apple Corp. will have to do a backflip and dive in to mercury to compete with microsoft now. Microsoft, you guys just built the best operating system ever

  • Ray

    I’m waiting to see if old menu is included in Beta.Right now, it is kind of a pain in the A__ to do a lot of tasks. It’s still very rough, but a lot of possibilities depending which direction Microsoft goes with it.

  • Jvjonsson

    windows 8 to tablet virsion needs a writing program which you can write by hand, and when you’ve written by hand push a bottum translating handwriting to computer text.  so you can take notes that every one can read 😉 just my opinion 😉

  • Mrod6970

    Easy to use, but some of the functions hesitated to run.  Overall I really like it. 

  • Tonysz

    I mostly like it, even with the metro stuff, nut they need to leave the classicwindows start menu. Also, they should allow ppl to close metro apps

    • xinu

      Im for this aswell. I like the metro menu so far, however if I want to get things done quickly and efficiently I would like to be able to switch it off. Im also not sure how industry will react to the new Metro style menus. If you work in a place like mine where the standard user has only basic permissions on user accounts, then the metro style menu might look very ugly and useless as you will only have essentials on it and wont be able to personolise it.

  • Ihabkoura

    in all ,, we need more flexbility , like u do hiden the start menu as details

  • Darknitesystems

    Still need to fix Explorer suddlenly crashes, also crashes when trying to access firewall

  • joe

    I hope that you have the ability to resize the blocks, maybe one is more important than another.  Hopefully it won’t look like the wii.

    Det the developers on board, get the airlines to look at WinTab’s as an alternate to the ipad to get this huge market

  • bgarr01

    Definitely faster than previous versions, but not sure it is going to be the OS that brings me back to windows. 

  • Drkrider

    Windows 8 is definitely for recreational users. As a workstation OS, Microsoft is out in left field. I am sure this platform is designed with  non-laptop  mobile devices in mind and I hope it will not replace the Windows 7 OS.

  • Fabainedwards36

    well i love what i see and i think it is a step in right direction

  • willie

    yes, for me this would be the great OS.

  • Alex

    Two interfaces to me, WHILE, not so conveniently.

  • Robind

    From what I have seen in the making of W8, I am still not impressed, I am a Windoes 7 Eternity user, love the os, I have loaded Mosaic, so it looks like W8 startup, I have edited many dll files in System32 and in programs I am using and I have changed the whole look of windows, from Logon, windows explorer, wmp 12, apperance of icons, thumbs, desktop, startup, shut down and it is all touch screen and mouse controlled..
    Switching to Windows 8 will be a big step, even then it will be a dule boot, I have watched the COMPUTEX Microsoft introduces Windows 8 and still I am not convinced W8 is good enough for me, I stiil want an os that is more 3D, loke the Crysis 2 game, that is where I get my ideas for my W7E and I am still playing around with Windoes 7 till I am happy with what I can see, so, good luck to W8, many will rush out and buy it, but I won’t wait in the que.

  • Ayush

    its  boom boom; unbelievably loaded just in the pre beta version ;but the changes looks to go the right way 😀

  • Ihabkoura

    if there a way to upgrade to win 8 without loosing my adobe appl.

  • Michael

    Despite the many and varied stories out there theorizing that ‘Windows8 signals the death of the PC’ , the fact is it is just not going to happen – typical officedeveloper applications will continue to be tradition desktop applications.

    So I think it would be a good move to allow the user to decide whether to boot straight into the Desktop, or the Metro Start screen.

    Personally I much prefer the square window edges to the curved ones in Win7. and the screen lock is cool too.

    Although some glitches exist with some of my most often used apps I really like it!

    Windows8 is just cool – hands down!

  • Dootsiea

    No problems with Windows 8, I just don;t thinkn may will go to it, because they just went to Windows 7 and upgrades are costly.  Windows 8 appears to be a good product.

  • Dracula

    As I told the beta test supervisor, they need to put the old email program back into this as well as the cards and tabs. People enjoyed these three in Windows 95-Vista, and yet for some reason MS took them out in 7. PUT EM BACK!!!! The other thing they need to remove is the idiotic message of “do yo REALLY want to do this?” every time I try and copy or move a file or mp3, not only is it stupid and time consuming, but the old way in XP was soooooo much easier and nicer. STOP telling me that I need to run this item as an administrator when I get into a tough spot in a game that I cannot get out of and need to use a cheat to get past that section. I know what I am doing and most people are the “plug and play” kind, meaning you turn it on and it works. MS is only confusing them when they do this. And last but not least STOP INCLUDING THAT PIECE OF CRAP BLING SEARCH ENGINE IN YOUR UPDATES! IF I WANTED TO USE IT I WOULD HAVE INSTALLED IT, STOP FORCING IT ON ME AND MAKING ME REMOVE IT!!!!! And give us info on how to cleanly remove this thing from our computers. Just because MS makes it does NOT give them the right to force us to accept it or force it on us with every freaking update!

  • Brihc

    Hello, I do not do comment often, but I loaded the preview and it seems to be on the right track. Right now, it seems to just have a new start screen. I like it, but it basically is windows 7 in disguise. You go from the new start screen to desktop and it is windows  7……….What ends up under the hood will determine if it is a New operating system or if it is windows 7 dressed up for the prom…………….

  • virtualCableTV

    I have three words that explain it all:WINDOWS CARTOON EDITION

    • Jase Wolf

      It actually is called Microsoft Windows Metrolite.
      I thought of Metrolite because the lovely UI(ok unfinished, but still lovely) and how light it is on the hardware.

      And Metrolite is a very nice name that sounds like it is a gem stone.

  • Zilva

    viskas gerai, tik yra keli nereikalingos programos.

  • Thunder64ybd

    Need to see more? Good @ this time

  • Owais_503

    i love the sharing thing.. its so awsome..

  • timotim

    MS has a game changer on their hands, and I cant wait to get my hands on a GA version inside a Nokia or Samsung tablet.

  • Tctrisna

    I Like Windows 8 OS, but some of the functions hesitated to run.  Overall I really like it.

  • just an audio john

    Wow…I think Dracula is a bit over-the-top with the harsh hyperbole, but I also understand his frustrations.  All my email activity is done online, but he’s spot-on about the bundled email client.  More than half my customers prefer it over Outlook.  The gui is the future, I get it, but a fair percentage of users know the terrain well enough to get “housework” done quickly & efficiently, and that’s why I’ll always do a dual-boot with XP.  Only XP allows me to utilize my legacy Lynx-One audio cards. (Many others are more sophisticated, but the One’s are like a vintage Neumann.)  Two business costumers have migrated from XP to 7 only within the last 6-months.  Win-8 is comic-book fodder to them.  XP was GatesWorld’s baby for years, and SP2 kept up with the times.  Don’t get me wrong, I like 8 (4-gig ram, 160-gig HD) …but a bit of XP sensibility might go a long way to making the migration more palatable to experienced consumers.
    A dose of common sense economics please.

  • Gee

    I Think So

  • Canon

    I think windows 8 is HORRIBLE, I hate it.  It doesn’t belong on a pc it belongs on a tablet.  It’s a joke to expect business’ to take it up.   I for one won’t be buying it, I’ll stick to win 7 OR dump microsoft all together if there’s no other option available.

  • John D

    As a fair and strong supporter of Microsoft products, I’m sure that this next version of Windows will have surpassed all its rival products in OS sector when it’s ready to come out and also it wilI shelter all of the necessary and optional functions that Windows users need. I have been using Windows OSs since WIN98, now I have a WIN7 64 bit on my system and I can honestly say that  Microsoft is moving in the right direction with Windows 8.

  • william lopez

    window 8 developer has to many bugs ithink Microsoft should have wait for the  window 8 beta
    to be ready and give that to th public.i had vista and window 7 and did not see these type of

  • Ivagayle

    I have had a computer since 77 (yes it was made of rocks) and I STILL have friends/family who DON’T use computers!?! Windows 8 is VERY USER FRIENDLY. I like the fact there is still a command prompt for geeks AND GUI for the people who aren’t as computer/software savy.

  • ford

    I have use the preview and belive that this should be the best windows OS ….If Microsoft Stays on Track. I have Loaded The Windows 8 Preview In a 8 year old Machine, With Intel 3.06 GHZ Proessor, 4 Gs of Memory and a 1gb Video Card.And 500 GB Hdrive. It runs better and loads faster. I will put Windows 8 In my 2 GB Netbook, and upgrade My new Windows 7 Laptop. When windows 8 make it to Staples., and yes I will be buying a new Windows 8 Desktop, Fully loaded.

  • Meengla

    I have Windows 8 Developer working as a clean install (removing Win 7) on my new Acer Iconia W500. I simply love the OS! There are some minor issues (unable to install the corporate VPN client) but the tablet-interface to browse the web is really good: Fast and stable.
    Very good job by Microsoft for a Developer Preview edition. 

  • Michael Thomas Stram

    There were some very cool fogotten ideas it seems when the whole blackcomb/longhorn thing was happening. There were some real gui enhancements never done. Those would be good to see, Metro, while cool..I dont see it on a home system with 2 x 24″ lcd screens…and yes MS, some people actually still have a “tower” remember those right? Tall, narrow, noise…people still buy those, oh, and lets totally not forget this one..people..gasp..still…make them too. WHAT?? NOWAY!!..yes way.

  • Fireballisme

    Windows 8 is garbage, reminds me of Windows ME. I Cannot understand how someone could be dumb enought to prefer the massive icons to effective tekst and a fast start menu.
    Thank u Microsoft for keeple Apple and the linux desktop in the game.

    This garbage is so horrible people might switch to Android for a desktop as even if that is.

    What is this ridicules notion about changing Operating Systems to kiddy toys.
    The people that actually use computer and buy stuff have too look further and further for something usefull.

  • Mbradley9645

     good idea to mimic win phone 7.  the idea to have rss feeds directly on desktop, like weather, top news or sports, brilliant for an always connected device.

  • Charlie Schultz

    Hey! that ignorant ass “Fireballisme ” guy if you leave the stupid machine on desktop, and actually looked at the big picture you’ll notice windows 7 in front of you. I understand you trying to talk a good idea down, but hold your thoughts to Ubuntu and their unity program all they did is took a good Linux product and turn it into a tv with a key-board and mouse. but the majority think it was a good idea and it bettered their thinking of using Linux. What I’m trying to say is use your mind in an open perspective. you’ll find that it’s easy to adapt, or you’ll shut the damn thing off!!