Windows 8 Poll - One year later, what do you think of Windows 8/8.1? Eye On Windows

Windows 8 Poll – One year later, what do you think of Windows 8/8.1?

So it’s been quite a while since Microsoft released Windows 8 and then subsequently, Windows 8.1 and I haven’t checked in in a while.

As you all may know, I wasn’t a huge fan and even thought Windows 8.1 did alleviate a lot of the ills of Windows 8, the Operating System has still been hard to deal with and hasn’t exactly picked up droves of fans.

To that end I wanted to check in and see what you all thought 16 months later.

We put together this poll below and we wanted to see whether your opinions of the Windows 8.x Operating Systems had changed a year after release.

So here goes..

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  • Cyd07

    I’ve chosen “changed for the better”…though it was not exactly what I think. All your answers imply that at the beginning the reader has a bad opinion of Windows 8. I had not (even if Windows 8.1 seems like a good improvement – I’ve not tried it yet).

    • Onuora Amobi

      Maybe the question was inartfully worded but I assume that people knew what I meant.

      • Arnold

        I agree with CYd07, It did change for the better, But it was always good.

      • Rumin8

        Ok, so what *did* you mean?

    • Tarkus

      Same here. I always liked it, but there didn’t seem to be an option for that, so I chose “changed for the better.” It was the least negative of the choices available.

  • Onuora Amobi

    This is awesome so far. It sounds like this crowd really enjoys Windows 8.x

    • Arnold


      • Onuora Amobi

        Love you Arnold!!

    • WillyThePooh

      If you expect the opposite, then you should post this poll in Apple fans web site. I guarantee you will get completely opposite result.

    • Robert Trance

      It is a great OS, and gets just better every time, included online services and devices in ecosystem

  • Vincent Xavier Shaw

    The Surface Type Cover 2 doesn’t have the tap-tap-drag&drop gesture. Shame, because the Original Type Cover does have it.

    • WillyThePooh

      Quick when you still can buy the original one.

  • Rumin8

    The question is foolishly phrased because the meaning of the response depends on the initial opinion of Windows 8.x one year ago. If I thought it was great then, and still do, I have to select ‘Stayed the same’. If I thought it was bad then, and still do, I have to select the same. Consequently the responses will tell you nothing at all. I answered ‘Changed for the better’, because 8.1 is better than 8.0, but that tells you nothing about the fact that I liked it a lot at 8.0.

  • Dibbo

    Just relaying info here as I am happy with W7. A corporate IT boss dude/friend (rather conservation environment) personally likes 8.1 much better than 8.0. His 100 + machines are finally moving from XP to W7. Until MS can get this transition to happen to most recent product, issues must exist. Personally I did not like the survey question formation.

    • Vince Glass

      The support has finished from microsoft for XP a while since and win7 is no longer to be rolled out with new kit as of next year and support finished year after so for business rollout to win7 now really needs to be thunk carefully. Having said that if a OS works for the business and change is only for changes sake then have a serious think.. Not broke no need to update, (unless necessary)

      • WillyThePooh

        For business purpose, they will be more concern when MS doesn’t support XP any more. They won’t wait until all their machines are broken or hacked before they are thinking to upgrade.

  • Vince Glass

    I think that with all of MS operating systems it takes a bit of getting used to, primarily the GUI and where to find system controls. Since Win95 there has been a more gentile and adaptive progression in user interface. (I remember when 95 was introduced and the shock from 3.11 WfW.), Win 8.1 is a complete change in how users, (and support engineers.. 🙂 ), see the desktop and have to adapt. But no real problems. It is just a case of getting used to..

  • dj

    Don’t really like windows 8/8.1 on a desktop or laptop it looks really budget to me may be ok on tablets and touch screens not as easy as other os

  • dmart5761

    If you weren’t such an Apple fanboy you would understand. Love Win8.1.

  • Andrew Wyatt

    8.1 definitely improved over 8, but without Classic Shell it’s still pretty painful to use.

  • xinu

    I think Windows 8 has changed for the better with the update to 8.1. Still not my primary OS however, still using Windows 7 for the foreseeable future.

  • Robert Trance

    Can only love, on desktop and tablet(hybrid) too