• theSoenke

    It is a fake! Read the tweet from canouna 

    • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

      I saw that but then Tom Warren said he had confirmed it from Microsoft. Someone is not telling the truth and I’ll get to the bottom of it.

  • Joleca

    Either way, its still ugly.. 

    And, the more I hear about Windows 8, the more I don’t like it..    An interface where all your programs (“apps”) are on your desktop, just doesn’t cut it for me..   It might be fine for someone who only has a “few” programs installed on their desktop, but I have several hundred (and yes, I do use most of them)..     I have very few icons on my desktop, its nice and clean and I like it that way..   I still use the “quick lauch bar” for my most frequently used programs (and yes, its easy to get to in Windows 7) and go to the programs list for the rest..    Having everything on my desktop (which apparently really won’t still exist), would be a nightmare.. 

  • xinu

    I think this logo would be a grand mistake!

  • Lindasmith1967

    its too plain….just needs alot of color or something to make it pop

  • CompUser

    It looks too Plain Jane and cheap. It doesn’t look like there was much effort or imagination put into this thing.

  • Lesmorr1

    we go through month after month of hype about this fantastic new inovation and then come up with a logo like this, it gives me os much faith in it as the other failures, milleniun etc need I say more

  • http://twitter.com/Tamerlain Tamerlain

    I dislike the angled windows portion of the logo contrasted with the straight Windows portions, it looks overly long. I would have attempted to integrate their new conception of the apps window within the Windows 8 portion. By separate the two it’s like a metaphor for their confusion of just what exactly Windows 8 should be, it has this and that, but it may end up annoying even more Windows users into Apple arms. Hopefully this is a fake, Windows doesn’t need a bold step, only useful innovation. 

    • http://www.windows8update.com/ Onuora Amobi

      Hopefully it’s just an early mockup..

  • E_spurrell

    Very plain…surely they can come up with something more creative and attractive…please

  • D Haley83

    Would look better with the four squares of the window in different bright colors

  • Bielong

    Looks like i hope the program will be. Like some of the older stuff people liked re added like being able to change the icons. and being able to change the motherboard withought buying a new program like the older versions

  • Robind

    No matter how hard Microsoft tries to improve Windows, It still does not grab my attention, When will we see something that is 3rd dimension, like the main screen in Crysis 2?To me, Windows 8 is still boring and dull, Microsoft lacks imagination and I will remain a Windows 7 fan as I have redesigned the appearance to my liking.
    As for the “New” Windows 8 Logo, omg, common it is Boring, It is a step back in time!MICROSOFT “WHERE IS YOUR IMAGINATION?”

    • Timiteh

      In fact, Microsoft is extremly optimizing their O.S for low end hardware ,like tablets and potentially smartphones, at the expense of higher end hardware.
      This approach can make sense for Tablet and netbooks but certainly not for laptops ,which are getting more and more powerful while keeping reasonnable power efficiency, and certainly not for desktops. I would have prefered that Microsoft develop several version of Windows 8 each optimized for different form factors.
      They could have designed:
      *WOA for ARM based tablets and devices
      *Windows 8 Tablet Edition for Tablet , convertibles and low end laptops, which would be more or less like the current Windows 8
      * Windows 8 High End Edition for more powerful laptops , for desktop and other form factors such as Surface
      The latter edition would take advantage of the more powerful hardware to provide:
      *A more advanced, more sophisticated 3D U.I, including a prettier less flat version of Metro U.I
      * A more advanced desktop experience which can fluently handle several monitor and several virtual desktops
      * The ability to have more than 2 Metro apps on screen at the time
      * The ability to open the start screen as a Window and not exclusively in full screen
      * An evolved version of the taskbar which can open a 2D view, instead of a row, of the opened windows of a howered icon of the taskbar,
      *Some fancy new features such as A.I based functionnalities like a built-in smart assistant, etc…

      There are a lot of things that Microsoft could have done but alas they choose to focus too much on Tablet and touch screen based devices at the expense of more powerful and more productive devices, which contrary to a recurrent belief are there to stay and will continue to sell well in the foreseeable future. Not forgetting that those more powerful devices are pushing the limit of hardware, which ultimately benefit to lower end hardware devices which can become more and more powerful.
      Do people that without the continuous evolution of CPU encouraged by both Microsoft and Intel/AMD, devices such as the current smartphones and the current tablets would be possible ?

  • felix adjei

    i think it ok and nice

  • Timiteh

    Well, i find this new logo not only ugly but too flat. Seriously, i know that Microsoft is obsessed by Metro, and sure Metro U.I is prettier on leaked Consumer Preview screenshots, but can’t Microsoft consider a less flat, even more prettier, 3D enhanced version of Metro for higher end hardware ?
    I mean it is not as if PC with powerful multicore CPU and powerful GPU will just vanish and be replaced by those dumb and productivity nightmare devices called tablets, in a foreseeable future if at all.
    It is an interesting move to build a version of Windows for low end devices and tablet, but it is not interesting to try to force everyone to use the same version of higher end devices/PC.
    Even smartphones and Tablet are getting more powerful as we will have soon 4/5 cores ARM based CPU and in a not so far future even 64 bits ARM based CPU.
    Thus unless Microsoft intented to use that additionnal power in a smart way, this power will be waste with their minimal and flat U.I approach.

  • Selvakumar

    Windows8 Logo is not up to the mark. It should be more colourful and attractive. Instead of square it may be in some other design. It should be an animated one with more number of colours with good attractive music. Windows7 Logo was also not as expected.

  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    Don’t care either way, on my screen it shows the basic black and white color and it shows a bonus + sign. These colors shows great favour. From my view Windows should show uniformity in the design of logo and color so it can easily be recognized. Thank you. 

  • Eric Baker

    I think it’s okay but its to bland needs more expression

  • Rosleycatarata

     i love it….it shows simplicity…and windows is proven and tested…even before and today..