Windows 8 pre-Beta might be a Developer Preview

Apparently Microsoft is currently preparing a pre-release version of Windows 8 to release next month.

The build number is apparently Build 8064.0.FBL 110806.

Chinese site PCBeta revealed an 8064 build of Windows 8, built on August 6. The build is part of Microsoft’s preparations for its BUILD conference next month.

PCBeta also posted a setup screenshot (below) that indicates the build is a “Developer Preview” instead of a beta.

Microsoft was expected to supply an early beta copy of Windows 8 during BUILD, a schedule that would mark a shift from the earlier Windows 7 development cycle.

If the version of Windows 8 is only a developer preview then that might mean we should expect the Windows 8 Beta sometime next year.

This is of course just speculation and we should know more at BUILD.

  • FireRx

    I want it 🙂

  • Konanyao

    Not next year.
    I think that Microsoft can’t afford to release a beta version next year.

  • 1stkorean

    i am ready to try it now

  • Tobias

    I hope you can run it on  virtual box!!!!

  • Darryl Hudson

    How did that linebacker from the NY Jets say it (“CAN’T WAIT”)

  • Gregoy Van Der Beek

    Why is Microsoft so reluctant to put the vesion 8 out to test a lot quicker as they seamd to do it with XP under different build names and Vista which I got to know at least 2 years before release which  gave me a good bit of knowledge on how it stood up against previose O/S and you could to someway iron out any faults or add in serton programs that would help in the running of the O/S ( Greg )