In the several months that I’ve been gone for Windows 8, the store has changed dramatically. What was once only a handful of meaningless apps is now filled with tons of games, productivity and entertainment titles. Irronically, I am impressed by how quickly they’ve expanded while the media is busy complaining that there is just 2000 apps so far.

When I first did Windows 8 app reviews, there were no such things as paid apps. Now there is. Here is my first official Windows 8 paid app review for the title Meduza.
At first glance, this sort-of looks like an classic “Androids” clone. Looks can be decieving, this is far from Androids quality. Maybe I’m missing something here but I didn’t find much entertainment value in this game.

The point of the title is to collect little boxes by moving your slightly bigger box around, all while avoiding even bigger boxes that want to destroy you. There are also bonus boxes that are blue. There are alot of boxes in this game as you can tell.

Boxes aside, my issue is that I played this for about ten minutes and found it to be without much challenge. Maybe I didn’t play it long enough? Perhaps it gets more challenging after fifteen minutes? I don’t know. What I do know is that this just didn’t reach out to me and didn’t seem fun enough to warrant a price tag.

How much will this set you back? $1.49. Honestly, that’s not a lot for an app, but it is a lot for something that doesn’t seem all that enjoyable. Luckily there is a free ‘try’ mode that will at least give you an idea of what the game is about before spending your hard earned cash.

There are many better selections for games that are free in Windows 8, so I’d personally pass. What about you? Tried Meduza? What did you think?

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