Microsoft ‘s upgrade promotion is over today, but don’t tell Microsoft that. While you can no longer get your upgrade copy of Windows 8, apparently the Windows 8 $14.99 upgrade offer for new computers is still a go.

Alright, well that was supposed to be in place until February 28th, so why am I even reporting this? Its because new reports are coming in that ANYONE can use this service to get a copy for just $14.99. What’s required? No conscienous apparently.
That’s right, as long as you “pretend” you bought a new PC between June 2nd of 2012 and January 31st of this year that runs Windows 7, you can go ahead and get everything you need to upgrade at this reduced rate.

I’m surprised Microsoft isn’t doing more to verify that the consumers in fact have a very real machine that was bought during this timeframe. This could have been done through a special registration program with your PC maker.

I suppose that maybe Microsoft felt that this would leave out users who bought custom-made computers from small computer shops, etc. Still, it seems like there could be other ways around this.

According to Neowin, they’ve already reached out to Microsoft to see if the company plans on doing anything about the current exploit.

While we have probably already beat this horse into the ground, I’ll ask the question again: Do you think that Microsoft should have kept its upgrade pricing lower for long or not?

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  • The_Norseman

    Absolutely. I was willing to pay the $39.99 to upgrade 3 of my machines but $249.00?? Not a prayer.

  • xinu

    This is actually old news, and I’m not sure but I think Microsoft patched this a while ago.

    As for the claim “Open to Anyone”, well its not. From a legal stand point if you purchase this license, its as valid as a pirated copy of windows 8 if you don’t have the receipts to back it up. The offer explicitly states that its only open to those who purchased a new Windows PC within the given timeframe. Yes you probably could validate that license, and yes Microsoft will probably not catch you, but its still not technically legal. I bought the normal priced upgrade for $39.99 and don’t have to worry about my moral conscience. Its still the best upgrade deal Microsoft has ever had.