Windows 8 Quote of the day – Steve Ballmer on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed up briefly at Nokia’s rollout of the new Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.

He used his time on stage to “rally the troops” and (attempt to) court software developers.

Hi quotes:

“One year from now, between Windows phones, Windows tablets, Windows PCs, we should see we should see close to more than 400 million new devices running those new operating systems,” Ballmer said. “Those devices running Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, I’m quite sure, represent the largest single opportunity for software developers today — 400 million per year is unrivaled. I’ll bet you right now, the next app developer to hit it really, really big will be an app developer on Windows.”

Chief Windows Evangelist.

Good job.

  • James Logo

    Stability! Stability! Stability! This is the most important thing!

    Windows 8 is great with printers. My wireless printer on my home network was setup automatically without configuring it.

    I never understood why an awsome advanced OS like Windows can’t host a wifi hotspot, or can’t make filesharing over adhoc network “easy” :-/