This from Topeka Capital analyst Brian White who’s in Taipei speaking with major computer vendors in the lead up to the Windows 8 launch:

Windows 8 should enter production in July and notebooks with the new operating system could be on the shelves by as early as September (even if not officially yet announced by Microsoft).

During our conversation, we noticed a general lack of enthusiasm around Windows 8 for the notebook computer market and uncertainty around the success of the launch this fall.

The negativity around this release of Windows is deafening.

There is tons of bad press both from analysts and bloggers and it all seems to stem from Metro and usability.

More to come…

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  1. Onura you have been pretty non confident yourself. Actually almost my entire school did not know what Windows 8 was. The average consumer does not know what Windows 8 was but I think will like it!

    • The average non-techie consumer will be confused by it, especially when there will be two versions of Windows 8 tablets.

      • but Android has 3.2 2.3 4.0 and they are all different looking yet people think they are easy to use!

      • It is a mistake to say “Consumers will be confused by it.”  By this I mean it is way too early to say this.  It depends on how good marketing does.  If MS can clearly differentiate to the consumer Windows 8 and Windows RT, there really should not be confusion.  Windows 8 is backward compatible and and runs on all types of form factors.  Windows RT runs only on bottom of the line tablets and is not backward compatible.  I really think anyone can pick up this concept easily.  Just wanting it to be a problem does not make it so.

      • I agree!!!!! Although most people would tell you that it is too early to say this, they do not support large installations. The average user has just gotten used to windows in it’s present form, Windows 8 will cause a great deal of confusion and will take some time for users to adjust to. In the corporate world, the main question will be IS IT WORTH IT?

  2. I removed Windows from my system the other day replaced it with Ubuntu Server. Not at all impressed with Windows 8 Metro.

  3. Jeanie363034 / June 8, 2012 at 5:40 pm /Reply

    I tryed Windows 8 on my pc and laptop–what a wreak–now how abput a Windows 8 clasic for people that dont want all that crap to dig through ?????

  4. Bloggers are all stuck in a windows XP world. Screw em. Let em sit.

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