Canouna has done it again.

Apparently in a new scoop from Windowsunleaked, he has indicated that the Windows 8 Release Candidate will go by a new name.

Windows 8 Release Preview

He is indicating that this new version of Windows 8 may be released later in May or sometime in June.

Stay tuned.


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  • Daniel Gray

    so they are kicking it back to the second quarter…just wondering if it was because of all the nasty responses about the parts of the program that people hated (like the media section) or are they now going to listen to the customers, unlike what they did with Vista?

  • Peter

    I would imagine that most of us have not used floppy drives for a long time now (remember those things? – they were the norm for many years, then they became history!) but we can still use the name for good purpose. 
    Since some predict MS market share on mobile devices to be just 11% in the next four years, it is just unimaginable that MS would continue to re-imagine (or perhaps we should say hack up) a darn good OS for such a mega share of revenuemobile users, and risk culling even more sales to desktop users in the process.So the new name could incorporate the old and the re-imagined:  WinFlop – Windows Re-Imagined!

  • Danielt551

    Hey Mr. Gray,
    What a new concept; listen to the costumer.Microsoft is like the American Automotive industry, they are going to tell us what we like ,and thats it.Oh, and what I really like is the five steps it takes to turn off the computer short of just hitting the power button to skip the four extra steps.(just kidding,I HATE IT). Does anyone see a pattern here? Win 3.11 WOW!! a real GUI,Win95 a little better, 98 bad,98se better,Win 2000 much better, Win Mellium,does anyone remember that one? XP(pre-support packs) nightmare, XP sp1,sp2,sp3 finally a OS,ect,ect. This is why Linux is doing so well because they are Japanesse version of the automotive industry. They listen to the costumer and give them what they want. Light on resources but full on function and performance.( does open-source ring a bell?)Bohdi Linux is ONE great example of this. Try to run Vista,Win7 or 8 on a much older computer.

     I really do like Windows when it works, but Microsoft also inspired me to look at other OSs like Gnome,Linux and BDS.
     The only thing I really like about Win 8 is the ribbon on I.E windows.I thought that was a nice touch.I found out Win8 does not like to share the HDD with anybody else; more so with Linux, and I had constant problems using OWA for my work. ( Inernet Explorer crashed every time) I think Floppyfish 8 is a good as well.