New screenshots of the Windows 8 Release Preview have revealed some new apps that are expected to show up in the next public release of the operating system.

These apps are News, Sports and Travel.

It’s not clear if these applications will be in the Windows 8 Release To Manufacturing (RTM).

As you can see from the screenshot above, the graphics have been refreshed and everything is looking fresher and tighter.

The Windows 8 Release Preview is expected to launch sometime in the first week of June.

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  • Ted Hu

    the many color tiles mangles the eyes. there’s no rhythm or reason to the coloring system. it takes longer to search for the apps you want. another case of good on paper sucks in real life cuz it wasn’t thought thru.

    • techblogger

      How? They don’t change position once installed. You think you’ll forget? And, if you work as I do, most daily apps will launch from the task bar or the desktop..where you’ll spend 90 percent of your time anyway.

      • Ted Hu

        it’s not a question of forgetting, it’s the transaction cost involved of discerning various colors that signal and signify nothing. geocities in the 90s retro look it is but it serves no particular purpose. the desktop has been neutered. secretaries worldwide will spend 90% oftheir time figuring out where the start button went and why everything now is spread over the big screen when it was accessible before in a small bounded area on the bottom left corner of the screen. just bcause you could do something doesn’t mean you should – there’s no good reason to switch things – and have a desktop experience not optimized for a desktop, nor a tablet but a munge of weird UI metaphors that have little precedent for the general populace.. unlike apple’s ‘boring’ yet highly usable grid. moreover even power users will feel miffed with the lack of multimonitor support. 

        • techblogger

          Install it first, use it, become accustomed to the framework then discuss it.  I can tell from your choice of the dumbest secretary in a corporate office that cannot seem to learn and or know anything to your associating Windows 8 Metro interface with that of geocities, that you’ve never used Windows 8. Not to mention your comment about a missing start button. Ya don’t need it, and neither do those executive secretaries you worry about. 

          XP is more than 12 years old and we have advanced beyond that. Believe me, upgrading to Windows 8 one is a no brainer. Windows 8 and its metro interface is beyond awesome. Spend some time with it then lets compare notes. 

          If you need assistance upgrading from Windows XP, let me know. I understand that many who complain about Vista and Windows 7, simply have a fear of “losing it all” so rather than attempt it, they stand pat and find reasons to never move and that others should not as well. I can help with that. I have over 30 years in the field. Don’t be shy to reach out.