The reviews have started coming in at for Windows 8.

As of 10/13/2012, there are 17 reviews.

The breakdown:

  • 5 stars – 10
  • 4 stars – 3
  • 1 star – 4

Some of the positive comments are interesting.

Joseph W. Proie writes:

Don’t Believe the Negativity
I have been running the Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit edition for about four weeks now (you can download a 90-day trial of this version, which is the final bits that will be released to the public in October from Microsoft). I did run the Consumer and Release Previews as well, but this version offers many enhancements and some changes over these earlier beta versions that…

and a negative comment from “The Greg”

Unrefined. Metro UI is carelessly executed. Productivity nightmare for keyboard and mouse users.
First off, let me start by saying don’t bother with reviews that cover the beta or preview versions. Don’t bother writing reviews for those versions. They’re not the final product.

That said, I have reviewed the final version for two weeks since it was released to IT professionals on August 15. Also, I am reviewing it as a desktop/laptop user, not a tablet…

Of course the size is statistically insignificant since the product hasn’t gone live yet but it’s interesting that so far the numbers aren’t skewed badly.

I’ll be on the watchout on Amazon to see if there is bullshit number manipulation from either side.

You can check out more of the comments here.

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  • Ntiyiso Natala Mbhalati

    I think W8 will do just fine, people are normally resistant to change, but change is inevitable, +/- comments, the fact is companies are gonna adopt it, more especially because developers within companies have an opportunity to write secure mobile business Apps that will def add value to business, I know one of our developer has already written a cool gadget that intergrates with SQL 2012 and sharepoint with simple javascript. A new unexplored world awaits with opportunities.