Windows 8 Roaming Cloud Profiles

So one of the things that everyone has really been excited about is the potential for Windows 8 to have a Cloud Computing angle.

On this blog, I have said several times that you need to be able to access your data and your user profile from anywhere and at anytime with consistency.

As you can see, we have discussed this here several times.

Well, it seems that Microsoft agree.

A user at the MDL forums has unlocked some interesting new features in the the next version of Windows.

The user uncovered a control panel item for “Roaming Options” under User Accounts.

Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 1

Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 1


Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 2

Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 2

The Roam Options allow users to roam the following items:

  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Aero Glass Color
  • Ease of access control panel
  • Magnifier
  • On screen keyboard
  • Narrator
  • Speech recognition settings
  • Language profile
  • Text prediction preferences
  • IME dictionary
  • Application settings and search history
  • Windows Taskbar settings
  • Windows Explorer settings
  • Windows Search settings
  • Windows Mouse settings
  • Wireless network profiles
  • Saved website credentials

Interesting note: At the bottom of the screen are Network Options.

Windows 8 appears to have the ability to distinguish between networks that charge for data, such as 3G networks, and those that have limited bandwidth.

This will be helpful.

  • xinu

    Fantastic news, now im really excited about Windows 8, this is a real step towards could computing.