Windows 8 RTM Leak?

No Windows 8 RTM has not leaked.

This site is dedicated to the discussion of Windows 8 news and updates and we will not be sharing any leaks or Windows 8 ISO’s.

It is interesting though because that is the next big thing on all the forums. It seems like a game of chicken at this point as all the hackers are waiting for someone else to share a copy of Windows 8 RTM.

My bet is that it will leak from China in the next 24 hours but for the love of pete people.

Wait till October 26th!

There is no upside to software piracy and especially at this point.

Here’s how the cycle goes.

  • There will be Windows 8 RTM leaks hitting the internet at some point soon.
  • Hackers get a hold of a copy of it.
  • They reverse engineer a trojan, virus or malware into it.
  • They reassemble and put the torrent online.
  • You download and voila, your system is compromised.

There will be a lot of spyware, trojand, viruses and more posing as the Windows 8 RTM.

And by the way, it’s also ILLEGAL.

Be careful.

Wait till October 26th!

It’s not that long!

  • voleheart

    yes it is!!! and you will be getting all of the good apps will us little people will be getting the old stuff. not FAIR!!!

    • Onuora Amobi

      Why – what makes you a little guy?

      • voleheart

        i dont get RTM. second my blog is nowhere as big as yours.

  • sdsasds

    umm just check the hash from origianl image posted by microsoft and ur virus freee,,,. no reason to play dumb and wait till october

  • Animal99

    It really isn’t illegal. On Microsofts own website, you can even download any windows 7 ISO. So, downloading an ISO without keys isn’t illegal. Downloading a KEY or an ISO already implemented with a key is illegal!

    • Onuora Amobi

      I would love to see the free ISO link on Microsoft’s site.

    • Onuora Amobi

      I would love to see the ISO download on Microsoft’s site…

  • Tek