Windows 8 RTM rumored for late July

The rumor mill has started up about Windows 8 again.

The latest rumor comes from Wzor, a  source that has been somewhat reliable in the past.

Based on what we know of current builds, it seems like Microsoft may be marching ever closer to RTM status.

The most recent builds are rumored to be:

  • 8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120619-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120620-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120621-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120622-2230 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120623-1707 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120623-2000 (RTM Escrow)

The rumors also state that RTM may be timed to coincide with the Microsoft Global Exchange conference later this July.

All speculation and BS for now…

  • Ron