Windows 8 rumor: paid updates for Windows 8 going forward?

So this one is quite a doozy but I thought heck, it’s a slow Tuesday so what the heck.

On the Winunleaked forums, there was speculation today about Microsoft charging for updates to Windows 8.

They are speculating that the $39 upgrade offer would be the first payment of a multi-layered payment structure that would cover additional updates.

Some text from the post:

..therefore it is rumored to be on a different update cadence…also Windows 8 is rumored to be on a annual update cadence (pay $29 every year after the major release for basically a service pack and more features)

This is just a rumor.

Now this is the part where I should say that I don’t think this is true and that Microsoft would NEVER change the model of licensing Windows that radically.

Not these days baby.

So much has changed with Microsoft and Windows over the last 12 months that every potential twist and turn deserves some scrutiny.

Stay tuned.

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