New rumor about the release date for the Windows 8 Release Preview.

In a tweet on Twitter, Mega Leaker Canouna has indicated that the Windows 8 Release preview will be released on June 1 2012.

How reliable is Canouna? Pretty reliable but this ultimately will be a Microsoft decision so you never know.

Another data point.

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  1. i hope MS will integrate the new Aero desktop into this version……….

    • As per Znet, the Aero will not be part of Windows 8.  For me, Aero was useless, good for Dog and Pony show.   The shaking and other tricks to control size of the open window on desktop, I used to show off, again I never used them in the real world.  I just open my software in max. mode about 95% of time.  When I want to move large group of files then I open 2 explorers screens.

  2. I hope MS will not change WINDOWS 8. I love W8 like it is . YES-YES

  3. I will stick with windows 7

  4. Pintea Mihai / May 23, 2012 at 1:51 am /Reply

     good by windows 7

  5. We’ll see if MS has it’s ears on.

  6. i think its gonna be leaked before june 1  maybe 2 days before or 3 on the 30th

  7. I hope it installs on my amd phenom and my AMD 64 PCs–first one always bombed with “something went wrong” regardless of clean install, update, dvd install. Maybe this one will give a definitive message.

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