Microsoft seems be getting awfully close to its vision of seeing the Windows operating system everywhere, from desktops to ultrabooks, tablets to smartphones, even gaming and multimedia devices.

The upcoming Xbox console (codename Durango) meanwhile, has had its fair share of speculation.

Now a brand new rumor has floated up claiming that the next-generation Xbox console (call it Xbox Next or Xbox 720) is powered by a slightly modified version of Windows 8. More importantly, this enables the upcoming console to play any application from the Windows Store, with support for a controller.

This new report made it to the web in massive text file posted on Pastebin by an anonymous source.

The detailed text sheds light on a number of new details on Microsoft’s plans for both versions of the Xbox console — the next-generation gaming device, as well as a redesigned Xbox 360 poised to compete with Apple TV.

And without doubt the most interesting detail in this latest leak is that Durango is running a custom variant of Windows 8, one that is essentially the same as the PC operating system, without the desktop segments, obviously.

This is good news, not just for the Windows 8 operating system as a whole, but it also ensures that the upcoming console is integrated with Windows Store — a surefire boon for app developers.

This integration supports practically all Windows 8 apps (and games) provided they can be played with a controller. Expect, a lot of apps to offer support for the Xbox controller, if this becomes a reality.

Likewise, expect increased interest in the Windows 8 platform from here on in, as developers will gain the ability to not only develop apps and games for the Windows Store, but also offer them for the Xbox 720 console.

Microsoft still is mum on any and all Xbox Next rumors, but expect more on this in the coming months.

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