Windows 8 Sales Have Started To Take Off, Confirms Microsoft

Windows 8 Sales Have Started To Take Off, Confirms Microsoft

The 2013 edition of the Intel Developer Forum is in full flow at San Francisco. The spring event was held in Beijing early this year, and San Francisco is the host of the fall gathering taking place from September 10 to September 12.

Microsoft took to the stage at the event to talk about its operating systems.

And the company confirmed that Windows 8 has not started to gain accelerating momentum, ahead of the Windows 8.1 launch set to take place in October.

Specific details have not been provided, but the software titan did reveal that the number of activations is growing — a clear indication that more and more people are making the move to the newest version of Windows.

Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft talked about this in a blog post, saying:

“As we ramp up toward general availability of Windows 8.1, we’re seeing accelerating momentum with Windows 8. Windows 8 PCs were in demand for back to school and we saw a bump in activations (or new PCs coming online) and Net Apps data released earlier this month confirmed this bump between July and August.”

In fact, the activations that the company recorded last month were the highest Microsoft recorded since launch of its new platform, which is quite a feat:

“Our August activations were the highest for Windows 8 so far! And remember, consumers will be able to update their Windows 8 devices to Windows 8.1 for free through the Windows Store.”

The newest data from Net Applications also seems to lend credence to Redmond’s claims. Windows 8, according to the research firm, is now powering 7.41 percent of the computers worldwide.

  • Ray C

    I for one am not surprised that Windows 8 activation has picked up. Like Andrew and Paul were saying in a video chat the other day about the various Windows 8 based products, a lot of it is psychological. Some of it is people like what they’re seeing on 8.1, but some of it is just some people never really gave Windows 8 a fair shake in the first place. People are finding it easier to give it a shot now that every website and blog on the internet is scaring people away from it. On that same note, most of what is being written about 8.1 is positive. SO, it’s almost like MS is getting the benefit from both end of the spectrum, less overstated negatives and more positives.

  • Rikikrik

    People are buying because the economic sentiment is easing and people feel confident to buy. Despite all the badmouthing of W8 the global market share of Windows has remained 93% these past 10 years, just like the Imac’s global share of the PC market (6%). Apple’s Imac sales have been sluggish, just like Windows PC’s. So it’s all about the economic crisis, and has nothing to do with Windows

    • Ray C

      I agree to an extent. I think the badmouthing of Windows 8, which was extremely overblown, did add to slowness of Windows 8 adoption, but money is the prime factor. People out there are trying so much to save money. They’re buying tablets. They’re buying computers from pawn shops. They’re going out and buying cheap til mini-laptops they really can’t do anything with. Economics have turn everyone in penny pinchers practically.

  • Billy Thomas

    If Microsoft really wanted to inprove their products they could Install a Linux Operating System 😉 I Installed Linux on my old desktop and now it’s 10 times faster than it was New. Took Windows 8 off my laptop and Unleashed a Beast, and whats surprising is that Everything works, even better than windows. I especially Love not seeing that “program is not responding” box with windows , and I got to customize every aspect of the look and feel of my entire system. The Only downfall is that it doesnt belong to Microsoft. It’s completely 100% MINE , and Microsoft doesn’t control and monitor me anymore 🙁 I feel so alone Nobody cares what I’m doing anymore, But I think I can live with it 😉