Windows 8 Set To Become The Top Target For Hackers In 2013

Unsurprisingly, I may add.

While Microsoft boasts that Windows 8 is the most secure operating system they have ever released, security experts at Websense expects the number of threats aimed at the platform will rise exponentially in 2013.

Which makes sense, as the Windows 8 platform is poised to grow next year. In a report titled ‘Websense 2013 Security Predictions’, Websense believes that Windows 8 is to become the main target of cybercriminal activities.

“Microsoft’s efforts to produce an extremely developer-friendly platform will be embraced by the cyber criminal community, and vulnerabilities will be exploited. If they deliver on their promise, the rate of threat growth on Microsoft mobile devices will be the highest”, the report reads.

While mobile devices are currently not the main target of cyber criminals, all that is set to change next year as these devices gain wider acceptance.

Delivering quick updates will most likely become a priority for Microsoft in the coming months.

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