Windows 8 should support PDF’s out of the box

Great point from PCPro about the fact that Windows 7 doesn’t support Adobe PDF’s out the box.

It’s a great point.

I for one am sick and tired of installing Adobe Reader as soon as I get a new PC.

Here’s what PCPro had to say about the issue…

Out of the box, Windows knows what to do with a huge range of files. Double-click on an MP3 and it will play; open a JPEG and it will display the photo.
Yet if you click on a PDF, Windows simply shrugs its shoulders.

PDF is a common format for manuals and technical documents, and anyone can implement a viewer without paying a licence fee. So there’s no reason – other than legal wrangles – why Windows shouldn’t come with this basic ability.

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  • Lee

    Out of the box, Windows knows it’s a magnet for malware. Companies like Symantec, McAfee, etc having been telling Microsoft this for years. So Microsoft decides to offer people a free anti-malware product called Security Essentials. Mind you, it’s not automatically installed on a user’s machine. First, the user must not be running any other software. Second, if the user isn’t running some other software the user will be prompted via Windows Updates that a free MS product is available. And third, the user must be using a genuine OS and actively opt-in to receive the download. Trend Micro et al have said this is illegal and are fighting Microsoft.

    Now you want Microsoft to bundle a pdf reader into its OS? I can hear Adobe’s screams now, accusing Microsoft of yet another anti-trust issue. ~sigh~

  • Ramonf77

    I agree that Windows 8 should come with PDF support already installed. But sick of installing Adobe Acrobat? What’s the big deal? You buy a new computer, you install it once, and you’re done. And even if you’re an IT pro, you probably have it in your image anyway. I think you complain too much.

    • Camshot2

      Just my opinion, but ADOBE, all of it’s programs are slow to load, and a bother to most who use it, so I use FOXIT reader, look it up on the net, install it and see what you think of it. I have adobe pdf on my compu as well still, but have set FOXIT to default.
      It is quick, opens files almost immediately, and beats ADOBE hands down in my experiences.

  • Camshot2

    Mr. Amobi,

    I too am disgusted with loading Adobe pdf reader to each new computer, and I have found a superb, quick, efficient replacement. It is called FOXIT reader. Search it out and see what you think about it. Let us know.
    Bill Welch

  • Hoarse98

    I agree Foxit is great. Install it to a flashdrive and never worry about opening a pdf no matter what computer I’m on.