Forget about maintaining multiple copies of your resume and updating it whenever it is time to look for work. Forget about browsing through thousands of static job listings that provide no context in helping you identify which ones you would most likely qualify for.

hiredUP is a social driven career optimization tool that provides you with deep integration between your CV details and jobs that match up to you. With hiredUP you store your resume details in one location and from here send links to it to anyone who wants to view it. You or anyone viewing your CV will have the option to save it in any of the standard formats ( PDF, XSF, or doc/docx).

Your social resume will update anyone following you automatically when you make changes to it.


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  • Link to:  HiredUp
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Social
  • Age Rating:  16+
  • Developer:  SincLynx LLC
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