Chat with new people living near you LIVE! Over half a million people are using WNM to meet new people!

WNM Live is a lot like other social networks, except rather than connecting you with your friends; it helps you make new friendships with people living near you! In fact, WNM Live has no concepts of “friends” – you can see and talk with anybody. You can browse the profiles of other users near you, send/receive text and picture instant messages, interact in a live stream of nearby conversations, and more – all without ever revealing your phone number or private, personal information! So, do you want to meet interesting new people near you? If so, then download this app – you never know who you might meet.

WNM Live is not a dating app and most of the users are simply looking to kill time chatting with other locals that share their same interests. A team of moderators work around the clock to ensure that users that would cause bad experiences are removed immediately. Looking for a tennis partner? Traveling on business in a foreign country and want to find someone that speaks your language? Want a stranger’s advice on a relationship question? Just bored? Then WNM Live was made for YOU!

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Browse profiles of online users near you
Send free text/picture messages
Discuss topics in the public, local Live Stream
Create a profile and upload photos to it
Uses push notifications to deliver messages instantly, even when the app isn’t running
Live Tile shows messages and other information at a glance
Also available for your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, or Windows Mobile smartphone
Login to and access your entire WNM account from any web browser

  • Link to:  WNM Live
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Social
  • Age Rating:  16+
  • Developer: SynergeTech Solutions, Inc
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