Windows 8 Tablet UI needs to be easy enough for a baby

So this morning as my son was playing around with my Ipad 2, I started thinking about what a fantastic job that Apple have done with the user interface for their desktop and mobile Operating Systems.

Ever since my son was 14 months old, he has been able to click the top buttons and unlock my idevices (phone and pad).

Now at 21 months he’s able to flip through my photos..

For Windows 8 Tablets, they are absolutely going to have to be this simple. They have to be quick to start, intuitive to use and manipulate once you are in.

Android tablets in my opinion are getting close but aren’t quite there so Microsoft still has an opportunity to sneak in and make inroads.

  • Konanyao

    I strongly disagree. I think that the last thing Microsoft needs to do is to come with a clone of the iPad. Because if it does that it W8 tablets would be failures of epic proportions.
    I think that only Apple can succeed on the tablet segment it has been ruling up to now. Android Tablets are relative failures because they try to target more or less the same segment.
    Of course with time and number Android tablets would become a significant competitor for iPad but it will be just because of numerous tablet whom many would be cheaper than iPad but will also have a much lower quality.
    However i am not sure that Android Tablets will make iPad run for its money the way Android Smartphones make iPhone run for its money.
    I think that Microsoft has to come with very different solution than either Apple and Google.
    At first because they are late and in second because there is much more bias against Microsoft than against Google and especially Apple.
    Even those supposed to fight against this Microsoft negative are sometime giving in to it and this is quite sad.
    Thus i find interesting the approach they are taking because they are attacking the market on angle that the iPad won’t be able to do in a close future.
    Sure Windows 8 Tablets needed to be easy to use, and seing the demo it sure seems to be quite easy to use, but it ease to use should not be its main weapon.
    Windows 8 Tablets will have the potential to be converged tool between PC and tablets with a mode optimized for each.
    Windows 8 has the potential to fully power Tablets with the full capacity of what has been just hinted by the Motorola Atrix.
    I sincerily hope that Microsoft and its partner would take full advantage of this Windows 8 potential to provide converged device which can switch to either slates or laptops or desktops or multimediacenter with the right dock.
    Dock do not need to be sold with the device but should be available at a reasonnable cost.
    I would have really liked that Windows 8 trigger a full revolution on PC world but it could bring the emergence of some revolutionnary devices.