Microsoft has bundled several Metro apps along with Windows 8 Release Preview. The People application is one of them.

In fact, this app may be one of the most important and stuffed with features. It not only lists your contacts, but also acts as a social hub for all the online social services.

You must be connected to several social services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., in order to maintain online contacts and social sharing.

Handling separate tabs for all these services in a browser often makes me want to have a central hub, from where I can connect to my contacts, regardless of the service through which I am connected to them.

People app is tailored to meet that exact requirement. You simply add your online social accounts to the app, and it will bring the data of those accounts to your desktop.

How to Launch It

  •   Invoke the Start Screen by hitting Windows Key.
  •   Search for the “People” app tile. Clicking it will launch the app.


     As an alternative, type “People” on the Start Screen. The app will come up in the search result  list. Clicking it will launch the app.

What It Does

The main screen shows your contacts aggregated from various social accounts. The other two sections show your as well as your contacts’ latest news feeds, tweets, posts, etc., from your accounts.

Currently, People app can connect to the following social services.

  •   Microsoft Account
  •   Outlook
  •   Hotmail
  •   Google
  •   Facebook
  •   Twitter
  •   LinkedIn

After you connect to your desired services, you can view stuff like

  •   Contact details from all the services
  •   Facebook news feed
  •   Twitter Timeline
  •   Your Facebook posts
  •   Your Facebook notifications
  •   Your tweets
  •   Photos posted on the services

People app isn’t just a static content viewing app. You can interact with the connected services. For example, you can

  •   Like or comment on Facebook posts
  •   Share posts
  •   Retweet
  •   Reply to a tweet
  •   Favorite a tweet

App Tile

People app has a live tile, i.e., the tile of People app shows dynamic content after you have connected to online services.


The type of content is dynamic, and includes contacts as well as latest notifications of the connected services.

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