Microsoft brings a travel guide to your desktop with the new Travel app.

It comes pre-installed in Windows 8. Like other new apps in Windows 8, it is a Metro-styled app, built on simplicity and emphasis on content. It is a huge bonus for people who love to travel regularly.

Travel app provides a plethora of travel destinations to you for research. You can select a destination and view its details like its famous attractions, flights, hotels, restaurants, etc. In fact, you can plan a complete trip based on the data provided by Travel app.

How to Launch It

    • Invoke the Start Screen by hitting Windows Key.
    • Search for the “Travel” app tile. Clicking it will launch the app.


As an alternative, type “Travel” on the Start Screen. The app will come up in the search result list. Clicking it will launch the app.

The welcome screen flaunts a wallpaper size photo of a random destination. You can browse all destinations by browsing horizontally on the right hand side.

Content of Travel App

Travel app shows details of a single destination at a time. If you select or search a destination, it will revamp its contents to show the selected destination.

For a destination, it gives you details like

  • Overview of the destination – its history, people, etc.
  • Photos of the destination
  • A search dedicated to schedule your flight to the destination
  • Currency conversion rate between your country and the destination country
  • List of famous places of the destination
  • List of hotels and restaurants. The app provides a dedicated search to find hotels.
  • Travel guides for nightlife, attractions, trip planning, restaurants, cuisines, etc.
  • Panorama view of several places – 360 degree full screen view.

Live Tile

Travel app shows varying content in the live tile. One is the name of the destination that you last checked out in the app.

Another is a photo of that destination.

Live tile keeps animating between these contents.

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