Microsoft has packed Windows 8 with lot of new features.

But, the talk of the town till date has been the new Metro interface. With Microsoft giving a huge push to the Metro platform, Metro apps are going to fill Windows 8 ecosystem. In order to streamline the distribution of Metro apps, Microsoft has launched its own online distribution platform called Windows Store.

As the market of Metro apps is likely to get flooded soon after with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft thought it better to take the management of Metro apps in its own hands. Windows Store will give this control to Microsoft.

The main goal of Windows Store, as stated by Microsoft, is security. Every Metro app will be thoroughly checked by Microsoft for malware and security flaws. An app will be published on Store only if it is found stable and safe enough for customers to use. Microsoft seems to have another obvious goal, too – money.

The app developers will have to pay an annual fee for Store. Also, Microsoft will get a 30% chunk of whatever revenue an app developer generates from their apps.

Even before the launch of Windows 8, Store has started providing widespread support to developers. The Store will support free as well as paid applications. Also, Microsoft will allow desktop applications on the Store. They won’t be installable through the Store, though – only be advertised on the Store.

Developers can set the price of their paid app ranging from 1.49 USD to 999.99 USD. Free trials can be given to customers for paid apps. Another relief is that the initial cut of 30% of the revenue will drop to 20% once the paid app reaches the mark of 25000 USD.

The Store currently supports 38 countries for developers, i.e., developers from 38 countries can submit applications to Store. The language support for applications has grown to 109 languages.

Microsoft has decided to keep a tight control on Windows Store. Microsoft won’t approve apps that contain adult content, advocate racial discrimination, excessively supports usage of tobacco or alcohol, displays extreme violence, etc. Such apps will simply not be allowed in Store.

Also, Microsoft holds to right to remove a published application from the Store if it is found to be breaking any of the restrictions.

Store App

Microsoft has provided Store app in order to access Windows Store. Store app follows the suit of Metro interface, and gives a very clean and easy to use interface to Windows Store.

How to Launch It

  • Invoke the Start Screen by hitting Windows Key.
  • Search for the “Store” app tile. Clicking it will launch the app.


As an alternative, type “Store” on the Start Screen. The app will come up in the search result list. Clicking it will launch the app.

The Store app organizes Metro apps in categories in order to make them easy to find.

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