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Windows 8 lost its start menu, but there is a way to kind of get it back. Here is a little trick and you don’t have to download an addon.

  1. Go into desktop and right click on the taskbar.
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click on the Toolbars tab
  4. Click the Desktop box

This will give you a clickable menu that will show everything on your desktop and also, control panel, networking, computer, and other things.

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If you want you can then unlock the taskbar by right clicking on the task bar and click on “lock all taskbars” and drag your new desktop start button to the left.

Here is what the menu looks like.

This may not be as elegant as the start menu, but its simple and it will probably do the tick for most people.

Just remember when you install a program to make a desktop icon.

As you see, for games I made a folder to keep things tidy.


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  1. Very good tip for a simple,yet usable start menu replacement. I personally prefer Vistart and I’ve found a third party app on winaero.com called Skip Metro Suite. It WILL boot straight to your desktop and turn off those annoying hot corners.The Charms Bar and Switcher are shown only when I call them with the keyboard, not when I mouse over just a little too far.

    This is the way it should have been done to start with; Options for the user to decide when and if to use the Ex-metro interface. Force me to use METRO? Sorry Microsoft, you lose and you have a very dissatisfied long time customer who will be more than eager to show friends, relatives, and co-workers how to kill METRO when they start buying Windows 8 laptops and desktops.

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