Windows 8 Tip: Hot-key for taking screenshots instantly

In Windows 7, there isn’t really an easy way to take screenshots of your desktop without 3rd party software.

With Windows 8, Microsoft has made this process much easier and smoother.

They have added a new hot-key combination  that lets you take and save screenshots instantly in Windows 8.

To take a screenshot, hold the Windows key down and press the Print Screen key.

Your screen will flash for a second  and Windows will save a screenshot to your Pictures folder as a PNG image file.

The screenshot will be saved in a folder called Screenshots in your Pictures library.

This was a much desired feature and power users who often have to take screenshots, are very happy with this move. Before this, they had to use snipping tools or third party software to take screenshots in  Windows 7.

You can use this hot-key combination to take screenshots anywhere in Windows 8, whether it is desktop apps or metro apps. The whole process is very fast and does not affect any of your work.

Win+ PrintScreen key- Will Take screenshot and save it to your pictures library. 

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