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With Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new and more easy way of regulating the brightness of your screen.

In Windows 7, users had to go to power options in control panel to change the screen brightness.

But now, Microsoft has made this process fairly easy and simple.

Now you can change the brightness from anywhere in Windows 8. This all has been made possible by the introduction of charms bar.

Microsoft introduced charms bar in Windows 8, which provide some basic functionality and the best part is that they can be accessed from anywhere in Windows 8.

To regulate the brightness of your screen:

Just take your mouse to the upper right corner and wait for the charms bar to arrive. Just select the settings charm.

Then you will be greeted with a new menu, which will have a few options such as Sound, brightness etc.

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Charms menu settings

Charms menu settings

Click on the brightness option. Then you will get a slider.

You can slide the slider as per your wish to regulate the brightness of your screen. Sliding the slider down will decrease the brightness and vice-versa.

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  1. except my computer says it wont do it that way and i must use the buttons on my keyboard.

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