Windows 8 Tip: Pinning people to the start screen

Windows 8 is natively connected to the cloud.

It is connected to the services that you mostly use such as Facebook, Twitter.

Microsoft has also provided a People app which gives you option to connect to your favorite services.

You can pin people to your start screen and can see updates from them at a glance.

You can see their tweets and social updates without even opening the app.

Wondering How to do it? Well here is how it can be done.

First open the People app which comes pre-installed with Windows 8.

By default it will open in the People menu, if not, then you can select People menu from the top of the screen.

Here, open the profile of the person whom you want to pin. Then right click any where in the app.

A bar will come up from the bottom of the screen. There will be an option to pin that person to your start screen.

All you need to do is to select the option and that person will be pinned to your start screen instantly.

You can also create a separate group of Peoples tiles and re-arrange the way you want.

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