With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new category of apps called the Metro apps.  In Windows 7, you can search from the explorer to find any file, settings.

This can be done even in Windows 8. But what if you want to search for any info from a metro application?

Well, there is a very easy way to do that. in Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a “Charms bar” which has some fundamental functions and it can be accessed within any app.

To access it just take your mouse pointer to the Upper right corner or Lower right corner. There is no need of clicking.

Only pointing the cursor will bring the Charms bar out. Then select the Search Charms option which has a magnifying glass icon.

Here you can enter your query in the search box and then select the app in which you want to search from the list of apps given below the search box.

That list shows all of the metro apps installed on your system, which support share contract.

As soon as you will start typing, the metro app you selected will open and show the results for your query.

In the same way you can search for anything within any metro app from anywhere in Windows 8.

I hope this tip is helpful to you.

Here’s the video.


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