Windows 8 Tip: Shutting Down your PC

You just installed Windows 8 and are thinking how can I shutdown the PC?

Well don’t worry. In this post I will give a quick tutorial on how you can Shutdown, Restart and put your computer to sleep.

Windows 8 has a whole new metro interface. Also the Start button has been removed. The old start menu has also been replaced with the new Start Screen.

Also Microsoft has introduced the Charms bar in Windows 8, which offers some basic functionality and can be accessed from anywhere.

So, to shutdown your Windows 8 PC,  just take your mouse pointer to the upper right corner to access Charms bar.

Then move the cursor to the setting charms. Then a new menu will appear. Select Power option from the menu.

Then you will be prompted with a new bar. It will have options to Shutdown, Restart and put your computer to sleep.

You can select the desired option from the list.

You can watch the video below for detailed instructions.

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