You just installed Windows 8 and are thinking what are these square boxes? How can I go to the desktop?

Well, don’t worry. You can switch to the desktop mode by clicking on a tile named “Desktop” on the new start screen (The previous Start Menu has been removed, instead the page that you are seeing on which lots of square tiles are placed, is the new Start Screen).

Generally this tile is on the lower left area of the screen.

What if the tile is not placed over there? There is one more way of switching to the desktop. Just type “Desktop” on the start screen.

You will be prompted with search results which will include two apps. Select the first one on the list i.e Desktop and you will be switched to the desktop mode.

Microsoft has not given any option of booting directly to the desktop. This is a very requested feature but Microsoft has decided against it.

Well, you can check out the Video below for a step-by-step guide.


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