Windows 8 Troubleshooting GUI

Now is it just me but I am wondering whether Windows 8 will have more online user help guides.

In the troubleshooting section pictured below, there is a prompt when you run it for the first time.

The prompts says the following:



“Do you want the most up to date content available for troubleshooting? By choosing yes you will have access to the latest online troubleshooters..”

Let me know if I am wrong but I dont remember seeing this in Windows 7?

It’s going in a great direction if this is new because the more online (read updated) user guides we can get, the better off we will be.

Nothing worse than getting information that is stale or outdated…


  • Anon

    Nope, it’s there: a checkbox at the bottom allows Windows 7 to look for troubleshooters online.