Microsoft’s most enigmatic operating system is now two years old. Windows 8 was unveiled on October 26, 2012, and went on sale the very next day.

And it’s been quite a ride for the modern operating system, to put it mildly.

The new OS brought, undoubtedly, the biggest redesigns in the history of Windows, and with it a slew of problems that the Redmond based software titan had to deal with — consumer backlash, corporate lack of interest, even hostility from OEM partners.

Controversial just doesn’t start to describe it.

Microsoft had introduced a number of new features with Windows 8, rather abruptly, and without leaving the final choice with the users. The Modern UI was a necessity, few would deny that, but the stern implementation and forcing it upon the users was nothing if not confusing.

Early adoption was well below expectations — well below.

However, things steadily improved in the coming months and years, first with Windows 8.1 and then initiative like Windows 8.1 with Bing that brought the platform to the affordable segment of the market.

But more importantly, the company acknowledged the mistakes, the problems that users were experiencing with Windows 8, and went in for a revamp job.

At the same time, Microsoft fast tracked the development of the next version of Windows, from the ground up, which was (surprising) revealed to be Windows 10 late last month. The company hopes to bring improvements in areas where Windows 8 failed to.

Having said that, while semblances were drawn with Windows Vista, in how Windows 8 failed to attract users, these comparisons are now unfounded, with the modern platform having increased its share.

Combined, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 now make up 12.26% of the desktop operating system market share, with the former sitting at 5.59%.

That’s some 220 million users, by some estimates.

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