Talk about a patch doing more harm than good.

It is not official yet, but a handful of Windows 8 users are complaining that a Windows 8 update causes their Start screen to freeze while other apps fail to respond. Sounds awfully familiar to something in the previous versions of Windows, eh?

But it appears that most people who are affected by this issue are the ones that have downloaded an official Windows 8 update. Apparently, the issue appears a couple of days after installing the update. The user who started the thread on the official Windows support forum explained:

“Suddenly, I can’t get the Start screen to respond.  I’m unable to launch apps, access the Charms bar, etc. By pressing WinKey + D multiple times, I am able to get the Desktop to load. Once loaded, the Desktop seems OK though I can’t access Charms from it either”.

Since then various users have regularly been posting the same problem to the tune of a couple every day. So the problem seems to be spreading as more and more people install the update. Another user noted in the same thread:

“I have the same problem after installing a few Windows 8 updates. The solution that worked for me is to immediately go into the Desktop after Windows 8 loads. Then, run the System Restore utility and restore the system to a date before the updates were installed”.

The only way to solve the freezing problem and get a working machine back is to use the System Restore tool and roll back to a previous restore point. No fix for the problem is posted yet, though a Microsoft support engineer posted a workaround in the above thread.

This is something worth keeping an eye out on if you are using Windows 8 on your main computer and have (or are planning) to update it.

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  • 123321

    had the same Problem here today. it’s the first time … but i hope they fix that soon.

  • Raynor Schiene

    well its still working for me . no problems.

  • CompUser

    Is this problem occurring with Windows 8 RT only? I have Windows 8 Pro installed on a laptop, a desktop, and a tablet. All three have the latest patches/updates from Microsoft, and I haven’t experienced any problems with any of them.

  • Allison Joy Carter

    I just allowed my computer to update, and now have this problem. Except worse. I can’t boot safe mode, nor can I get to the desktop. I am literally stuck at the start screen.

    • Annoyed

      Me too. PLEASE HELP.

      • djbchill

        This just happened to my daughter’s computer today. WTF?? She’s got homework to do.

  • MMoss

    I’m having this problem also, ever since the last update my start screen is frozen and won’t slide or open anything. I can hit WIN+D as soon as I log in and it will put me in desktop were everything but the charms runs fine. Or I can boot into safe mode and the start screen runs fine but of course nothing will open because it is in safe mode. I tried doing a system recovery which said it was unable to complete because of an anti-virus program. I don’t know enough about computers or WIN8 to figure this out and I’m really frustrated because I just got my computer a week ago and was soooo excited about WIN8. Help!?

  • Ticked off Mom in ohio

    New PC on sunday. Got an update yesterday. Now can’t get to a restore refresh or any other stupid “:charm”./endless loop with a reboot taking me back to then screen with useless app square things

  • GreyBeard2

    I’m think I’m going back to XP. Win8 is a stinking pile of poo. I’m kicking myself for being enticed by the price. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

  • Sargonarhes

    Rolling back the PC isn’t an option for me. I just replaced a failing hard drive and this issue finally struck me.