Paul Thurrott has come up with some details about the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade offer coming from Microsoft.

This will be a program offered as an incentive for users to continue to buy Windows 7 hardware with the assurance of an upgrade to Windows 8 in the future.

This time, Microsoft is offering only an upgrade to the higher-end version of Windows 8 – Windows 8 Pro.

From Paul Thurrott:

But my sources have now told me that it will be $14.99.

An upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will cost $15.

Game on.

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In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • Alessandro Santos

    Really? $15 for Windows 8 Pro Upgrade? This is awesome! I can really afford that kind of update. This time, I think Microsoft is more on the consumer side. Thank you Onuora.

    • Andy Martin

      Maybe they have it at 15 as they know no one is going to like it.  Make it cheap and maybe they will go ahead and buy it.

      • Naqvitalha

        I think 15$ upgrade is for all those who purchase a Win 7 PC after 1st June… I read it somewhere…

        • Mightymidget

          That’s correct, they’re not going to offer a $15 upgrade to everyone that has Windows 7, just the user who buy a PC from a participating vendor with 7 pre-installed after a certain date. It’s just common sense otherwise sales of hardware would diminish between now and 8’s release.

  • Andy Martin

    Pass!!  I have been running the beta and hate it.  I just last night formatted and re installed 7 on my second system to get rid of 8.

    If they do not make some major changes it is going to be int he same category as Vista, not for the same reasons just in the DO NOT USE category.

    Just my buck fifty worth of opinion.

  • Jazzmo2001

    $15 You got to be kidding! If not a must have if you can down grade if you don’t like it.

  • Flahty

    $15.00 ??  Hard to believe!!  Although we should be able to partition the hard drive and load Windows 8 for a “dual boot” with Windows 7.  Then take your pick if there are incompatibilities.

  • JamesHaswell

    Great! I love windows 8, despite not being at a mature state yet. I’m seeing some major potential from an OS I thought was dead.

  • Robert Rooks

    I have been playing with Win 8 since the developer preview, it is very fast to load and run on a 5 year old computer….I have already several Win 7 addons like one that brings back an improved start button, for $15 bucks I would upgrade, just put a system together this month so maybe would not qualify….again it is hard to believe this will happen MS never gives anything away

  • Gdbunnock

    I have Windows 8 from the beginning of Windows consumer preview
    I love Windows 8 and I use Windows 8 everyday.
    I will pay $ 15.00. YES-YES

    Merci Onuora.