We all knew that the crazy-low pricing for Windows 8 was temporary and would eventually be replaced by slightly higher amounts. That said, we never really knew how much Windows 8 would cost after the promotional period.
Now word is in, Microsoft has revealed prices go up on February 1st with the upgrade version of Windows 8 setting you back $119.99 USD, that’s quite a jump from the $39.99 you can currently fetch it for. As for the Pro version? It will set you back $199.99.

Other pricing includes Windows 8 Pro Pack for $99.99 and Windows 8 Media Center pack for $9.99.

I understand that these were promotional products, but I personally think that Microsoft should have considered extending the offer or at least only making the price a little higher. Windows 8 isn’t selling like hotcakes yet, and few are going to want to pay such prices for an OS that is steeped in controversy.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Windows 8 is a solid OS, but not everyone feels that way and raising the price now probably won’t help things. Still, I suppose Microsoft feels that those who were going to upgrade had plenty of time and those that are left probably will only move to Windows 8 if they buy a new PC, I understand that logic too– and they are probably right.

What do you think of the new pricing? Is Microsoft bringing things up to high or do you think that is more than fair considering the many speed improvements and other features that you get with Windows 8? Bottom line, if you want to get Windows 8 cheaply, you have just a little bit longer to act before the promotion ends for good.

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  • Tomas

    I think it’s fair and your rationale about why, right. People had more than enough time to upgrade, and a price increase is understandable. Should it be lower? maybe, but we have to go back to the w7 pricepoint to compare.

    • Tomas

      Oh, and the moral of the story is “you better hurry up before the offer ends…”

  • http://www.facebook.com/anna.mccullough.54 Anna McCullough

    I’d rather see MS keep the price low, at least for the first six months. They’re asking people to accept a fairly radical change to the operating system. MOST folks are going to get Win8 as a part of a new computer, as I did – I doubt I’d buy it at the increased prices as a standalone that I’d have to install, though I might take a chance at the current cost. Already it’s known that Win 8 sales haven’t been what MS was hoping for – soooo – doubling/quadrupling the price is going to HELP this?

    • xinu

      I agree. I dont have any touch compatible hardware at the moment other than my iPad and don’t wish to upgrade right now, but Im considering purchasing some upgrade licenses for use later on.

      Not a good strategy by Microsoft in my opinion.

  • Jack Shofner

    There is always Linux, and it is free by the way. Oh, some come with OpenOffice!