Windows 8 use desktop wallpaper as lockscreen

More unlocked features in Windows 8 build 7955.

Apparently by making a little tweak to the user theme file, you can  configure Windows 8 to use your wallpaper as the startup home screen.

The tweak is the following:

  1. edit the theme file at C:WindowsResourcesEase of Access Themesbasic.theme
  2. Change the line that says “SetLogonBackground=0” to “SetLogonBackground=1”
  3. Reboot your PC

You should now have a Windows 8 lockscreen wallpaper.

wallpaper-lockscreen-Windows8 -2

wallpaper-lockscreen-Windows8 -2




  • xinu

    Nice :D.

  • casper

    its wierd it was already before i did this but it says prass ctr+alt+del but mine says nothing but i found out ive to press spacebar does anyone know the selution

    sorry for my english.

  • Patto167

    I find your newsletters great hve learnt quite a bit from them I teach seniors voluntary they enjoy looking at at some of the you tube shows the youngest I teach is 82 Iam 72 l learnt how to use computerabout 8years ago. thanks Iam agolden oldie female Onu .. Patto 167

  • Gary Coates

    This looks great, with a few minor modifications I can get exactly what I want.

  • Saeed Kheiree

    It’s cool… thanks for useful post