It took a little longer than expected, but Microsoft’s modern platform, Windows 8, finally has more users than an ancient fan favorite. The recently retired Windows XP.

Redmond spared no expense in promoting this new OS, and although initial uptake was quite a bit slower than expected, Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) now have a combined market share that exceeds the version of Windows that was released some 12 or so years back.

More specifically, as this newest data from StatCounter shows, Windows XP currently powers somewhere around 14.31% of computers the world over.


Windows 8 is at 7.35%, while Windows 8.1 is currently installed on 8.2%. Add the two modern versions together, and the platform has some 15.55% to its name. It goes without saying that the dominant days of Windows XP on the desktop are fast coming to an end.

This brings into picture Windows 7, the world’s most popular desktop operating system.

Microsoft seems keen on avoiding a similar situation with Windows 7 when its retirement comes around. For this very reason there are whispers that the software titan might give away the next version of the operating system, Windows 9, free of charge to these users.

Nothing confirmed so far, but where there is fire, smoke is never far behind.

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  • Ray C

    Microsoft was really pushing Windows 8.x, but now they’re putting so much focus on Threshold they’re not advertising or talking about it much anymore. They shouldn’t backup until it’s a minimum of 18% of not 20%.

    • Fahad Ali

      This is true, but I am sure Microsoft will give one final push before the holiday shopping season. Maybe alongside some new Windows Phone handsets to create that killer combination.

      But I agree, attention has now shifted towards Threshold.

      • Ray C

        They and their OEMs need to make a big push going into the holiday season. Lenovo’s sales are already up. Everyone could see a boost if they just get behind the OS.

  • kmo91120

    how lame can it be. some are still using windows 3.0 and try running crysis 3 on it ?
    non nerds are only getting older systems. no one told them how to run vrysis 3 on windows 3.0
    they are still using bbs to talk over net.
    they are using 9600 baud and using money on that bill.
    if windows 9 should be free it wpuld be like apple free update.
    sp1 win 7 free win 8-8.1 free. so if win 8-9 would be free i would be wonderfoul.
    just payed for a 8 version and must pay for a 9 version again. so if the get out 9.1 you get it for free ?
    and guys yeah cant play crysis 3 on a x86-486sx computer wit win 3.1 95 98 and so ever.
    fun to see if they could rin crysis 3 on win 95-2000.
    dx 12 to win 7 8-8.1 9 10. we need to get dx 12 to test and so on.
    if it comes with win 9 only and you need to pay for it. then they can keep it.
    15 min to install win 8.1
    5 min to get win 5 up running.
    caN run on 800 mhz computer or less 500 mhz 256 mb ram.
    many would be pleased.
    win me needs a 150 mhz. that was bad dissision.
    those who had pentium 60-100 mhz could not install.
    had to get a 500 mhz computer.
    still win98 se can handle dx9.0c games. only that you gonna need firefox installed.
    win 95-w98 se safe to run game surf on.
    windows xp can still be used 4 ever in vitrual tool.
    will never die. only gpu upgrade needed.
    some one tell you to do a ugrade from a working w95-xp and you must do it. OR ??!! what ??